Youth (2015) Synopsis
While Mick finishes the screenplay for what he imagines will be his last film, Fred has no intention of resuming his musical career. The two men reflect on their past, each finding that some of the most important experiences can come later in life.
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Beautiful and Intimate

By bestdesign
I am a great fan of The great Beauty. Sorrentino is once again examining life and its phases. he does this with poetic imagery and fantasy juxtaposed against cold hard reality. of course one realizes...

Sorrentino Is A Genius

By natedern
This is a masterpiece. Sorrentino is one of the few modern day auteurs we have left. Anything he makes is worth seeing. Cinema is often compared to music, and no director working today makes that...

Spectacular movie

By freccero
Paolo Sorrentino's done it again. This is yet another beautiful, moving meditation on aging, youth, death and life. Go see it!...


By dumbo69
I believe that this is a case of "love it or hate it." I loved it ! Imaginative and invites you to participate in the story. If you do, you are rewarded....

thoughtful, gorgeous, honest, adult -- a passion project

By wti
Sortentino's YOUTH fields a stellar principal cast (Caine, Keitel, Weisz, Dano), combined with an eclectic supporting ensemble, to tell a rich and nuanced story about best friendship, generational...

A bit Moody

By Film-girlly
This movie featured excellent acting and interesting complex characters. The story was a bit depressing and meditative for me. Perhaps I am not sophisticated or intellectual enough to totally...


By cynthiakondon
This movie had no plot. It was populated with many characters, none of whom were the least bit interesting. It meandered from one character to the other--very slow-moving. I couldn't wait for it...

Youth is a truly perfect film.

By jgsamson
This perfect film is not for those who love violence, broad comedy or routine standard story lines. This is a truly original, beautifully filmed, extraordinarily well-played film by the Italian...


By Smitty615
I found the performances of Michael Caine and Harvey Keitel excellent. What I did nor enjoy so much was what I perceived as fragmentation of the story line with all the "side scenarios". I understand...


By kdoartist
Youth is probably the best movie of our time. The editing is refreshingly surprising and the choices are so different, yet perfect, than any other movie. It moves from mood to mood, through space...

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Rated R | For Graphic nudity, some sexuality, and language
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Common Sense Media says Thoughtful, reflective drama has strong language, nudity.
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