Never gets old!

By ptlh2
Written May 31, 2016
This is one of my all-time favorite movies! I was so glad to see it in the theatre again! The things I love the most are less about the 'obvious' gags and more about the subtle expressions, pauses, example... It's not so much when Terri Garr says, "He must have an enormous schwanzstucker" but when the response from Gene Wilder is to stop chewing, pause, and then calmly reply..."It goes without saying" followed by Marty's addition, "he's going to be very popular!" Too stinking funny, still, after all these years!!
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Written July 25, 2016
The Young Frankenstein movie was absolutely perfect for us to see on Halloween Night. Scenery and costumes were WILD !!! It is an old Mel Brooks Movie filled with well known performers that I recall from my childhood. The acting and story line are fantastic !!! All kinds of SPOOKY CASTLE scenes and plots kept us all giggling and gasping for almost 2 hours. I highly recommend this movie for many reasons. ENJOY !!!
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By ward7299
Written February 26, 2017
This already-great classic was even greater on the big screen; I felt as if I were part of the original audience when the film was first released. The humor of the flick was greatly enhanced by the laughter of the crowd, making this a very enjoyable viewing.
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By cindyarely
Written May 05, 2007
The best Mel Brooks movie! HILARIOUS!
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By lugubriousthespian
Written May 16, 2009
Mel Brooks was at the pinnacle of his popularity and the creative juices were flowing freely when he conjured up this hysterical homage to Universal's classic monster series. Also as their heights of hilarity were Gene Wilder playing the manic heir to the freak franchise, Chloris Leachman as the menacing Frau Bleuker, Marty Feldman stooping in as Igor (oh, excuse me - that's pronounced EYE-gor), Peter Bolye as the sympathetic soft-shoeing creature and the to-die-for neurotic Madelien Kahn as the nympho fiancee. Gorgeous black and white photography only heightens this masterpiece of mirthful mayhem as does the lovingly produced script and settings. Just try not quoting anything from this film after you've seen it! Truly a laugh riot!!
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