finally a comedy worth going to the movies for

By barbiesparkles
Written December 11, 2011
this won't be for everyone- the humor is dark and cynical, with lots of irony. it's in the realm of larry david and louis ck. but if you want to watch another bland comedy stay home and watch tv. and i am so excited that the lead female character is interesting. (It is also written by Diablo Cody, so it makes sense) Bridesmaids was in that turf and hopefully we will see more films about compelling, flawed, interesting women. i'm tired of the bland pretty girls from the hollywood mill. And it IS ironic that Charlize is playing this role- but she is great in it!
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Loved it

By slowkrawler01
Written December 19, 2011
I truly feel that there's a little bit of Mavis in everyone out there. Except for a few of the plot twists, I found the movie completely believable. Mavis is a mess, but a somewhat lovable one. I honestly left the theatre wondering what would happen to her. So, Diablo/Brooke, if you're listening, how about a sequel? Or sitcom?
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Charlize Tries But "Cynical Adult Does Not

By gabbycorner
Written December 22, 2011
I love Charlize Theron and she does not disappoint in her acting in this film. It's the script that fails here. Mavis Gray the character that Ms. Theron portrays is a very unhappy woman and an alcoholic to boot, who can't even take care of a dog, no less herself. She returns to her old town in Minnesota to "get back" her old high school boyfriend ( a always reliable Patrick Wilson). If I were her, I would have stayed the Miniapple, since she returns more narcissistic, sour, cynical and a total overall wreck than she was in high school, which according to the screenplay evidenly was her peak. It's been downhill ever since. I failed to mention Buddy her old love is married and has a new little baby girl. This doesn't bother Mavis in the least...she wants what she wants and secretly feels entitled to. Let's just say, does Mavis change in the end...No., Does she learn from past mistakes,,,No. Is she still unhappy, alcoholic and narcisstic..Yes. Was it at all funny or touching...A Big No!
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Not Worth It

By Jboblett86
Written December 20, 2011
I am not generally overly critical of movies as long as they entertain me. This movie did not entertain me. I walked out of there wandering what the point of the movie was. I would not watch this again and would not recommend this movie to my friends. Hate to say that cause I love Charlize but the story line just missed the mark.
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Young Adult

By cbcolman
Written December 18, 2011
Charleze Theron is such a beautiful lady and such a great actress. I was disappointed in her choice of this role. There was a great message in the script but it was difficult to watch her character live such a depraved life. She did do a good job playing a wasted acholic with no ambition. Wonder if this movie in anyway parallels her own life. Too much beauty leads to such a shallow life...
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