You May Not Kiss the Bride Synopsis
A pet photographer (Dave Annable) is forced to marry the daughter of a Croatian mobster.
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Not made for an audience with brains

By mother_superior
This movie was predictable in every way. Dave Annabel was cute and likable, but ever other character was a caricature. I feel sorry for anyone Hawaiian or Croatian who sees this movie. (Actually,...

fun & laughter

By dubaldo808
Definitely a fun movie that brings a smile...for good laughter, not hilariously...but enjoyment on a development of a relationship. Good to see Tia Carrera in film again....

Bad acting. Bad script. Cheezy music

By stevie7312016480
I don't remember the last time watching a worse movie in a theater. There were actually no one else at the theater with us until 3 young girls walked in the show last minute before the movie starts....

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By kathytompa
I loved all of the acting . Go see it but if you do not i don't care. I loved it!!!!...

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Rated PG-13 | For Violence, Sexual Material, Some Rude Humor and Sexual References