You Kill Me Synopsis
A boozy hit man (Ben Kingsley) heads west to dry out and meets a relative of one of his victims.
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You Kill Me

By BK Blogger
It's an odd movie. Ben Kingsley is a hit man for his Polish mob family in Buffalo, NY. But, it's Ben Kingsley, so why not? It was playing at our mall theater so on a Sunday afternoon we didn't...

Quirky little movie

By diztrek
I went to see this movie mainly because my husband wanted to see it but it ended up being more enjoyable than I thought it would. I would not have gone to see on my own and would probably wait to see...

Killing Me Softly

By butchy
You Kill Me is a fun movie with a quirky side and a sentimental side, but it avoids being cliche or corny. Ben Kingsley is so understated at first, you wonder if he's ever going to say more than two...

Fun Story w/ Great Acting

By rayte_the_movies
Dark comedy can be very hit or miss for me, but I thought this movie was spot-on in tone. Ben Kingley was so likeable in the role, you can almost believe that the people he meets are so accepting of...

It killed Me

By Smakwater2
"you kill me" killed me with its clever understated tones. Gone were the extra frills of dialogue both in the script and the charactors lives. What was left was the raw, stripped down, damaged...

Great Setup Weak Payoff

By jjb12345
The entire idea of the movie is wonderful, a hit man with a drinking problem. The difficulty is that the narrative peters out and the resolution is so-what....

Quirky morbid fun

By movie_unusual
My husband and daughter and I loved this morbid and funny film. It seems implausible at first, but if you like irony, gangster films, and a slight goth edge, you will probably enjoy this. I...


By trapezee
This is a curious, quirky movie with the most lovely subdued performances by Kingsley, Leoni and Wilson. Dry humor and lots of it....

See It for Tea Leoni

By cwalton
So this is the story of a hit man alcoholic, and how AA can help an assasin get back his killer instinct. With an assist from a good sponsor, and the love of a great woman, anything's possible....

You Kill Me

By kanetjin
Excellent adult fare! Great characterizations, good supporting cast, but Kingsley is inspiring yet again in his spot on characterization! His little asides in dialogue, his facial expressions, and...

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Rated R | For language and some violence
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Common Sense Media says Dark hit man comedy mixes violence and humor.
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