By MovieRN
Written June 04, 2008
I am not a big fan of Adam Sandler's movies except for the Wedding Singer this movie was extremly entertaining. When it started my intial feeling was "What did I get myself in?" but within ten-minutes I caught myself laughing hysterically with the sneak-preview audience. I think Adam Sandler is trying to make up to the gay community for I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry. The movie has alot of Cameos. If you want to laugh this is the movie to go see.
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THis is a Adam Sandler movie

By NickIGS
Written April 29, 2008
for you guys to put down this movie Yes it does look "silly" but honestly Sandler has made Billy Madison I think this is going to be a great movie for those who are Adam Sandler fanatics Like me See you at the movie =D
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Listen to the title - Don't mess with the Zohan!

By saintandrew
Written June 29, 2008
I am normally a big fan of Adam Sandler. His movies are usually funny and comedic without crossing the line into crass and degrading. However, on this one, the Zohan is, well, skanky. The abnormally gifted Israeli commando has all sorts of comedic possibilities which are wasted on the Zohan's constant shtupping of every woman he comes in contact with - except his true love. The Mideast peace solution - every capable young man should be pleasuring every woman above sixty. That's it in a nut shell. The possibilities with the story were vast and, unfortunately, mostly unexplored. Adam - give us the nice guys finish first character you play so well - Happy Gilmore, Longfellow Deeds, or anyone but "Little Nicky" - and you've got a hit. Anything else you do seems to rhyme with "hit" but have an extra consonant at the beginning. It's spanglish - get it? Sorry Adam - this one's too crude to enjoy the good humor in it. Kinda like Borat.
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Very funny

By RandytheMovieFan
Written June 04, 2008
Not a big Adam Sandler fan so this movie easily leapt to 2nd place among my favorite movies of his (#1 is still The Wedding Singer). The movie was silly, extremely raunchy but almost always amusing with occasional moments of outright hilarity. The roaring of the sneak preview audience drowned out the dialogue at times and there was even a nice message to the movie, but mostly people were there to enjoy the sexual and other physical humor. Don't go expecting anything more and you'll have a very enjoyable 2 hours.
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another sandler movie!

By moviereader456
Written May 27, 2008
hey guys its moviereader456 again......ok this movie will be amazing if u like adam sandler...im a HUGEEE fan...i love all his movies big daddy billy madison..all of them there so funny....go c it and if u didnt like it u didnt like it im gonna like it
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