By audreyluvsu22
Written August 08, 2007
This movie was so hystarical. Some parts I was like "oh my god they didnt just show that did they?" But over all I loved it.Seriosuly rent it.
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Wilson at his best!

By derekgarcia46
Written June 16, 2015
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A frustrating as hell comedy with hardly any laughs.

By Dominic LeRose
Written October 18, 2014
Owen Wilson, Matt Dillon, and Kate Hudson to carry out a comedy? I don't think so. None of these actors work well together or have any fun together. "You Me and Dupree is one nauseating comedy from start to finish. A best man named Dupree (Wilson) stays on as a house guest with the newlyweds (Dillon and Hudson), much to the couple's annoyance. Things of course go wrong, but are just little things. No flaw of Dupree really seems like that big of a deal. As the film progresses, the characters get more and more annoying and unlikable. There's not enough material to work with to make fun and uncomfortable situations for the characters to experience in the story. Michael LiSieur's script is very weak. This is a kind of story that is routine. The plot for starters has been used hundreds of times, the newly moved in person causes trouble, the characters have a conflict, then all goes well for everyone. At times "You, Me and Dupree" feels more like a drama then a comedy. Owen Wilson just isn't crazy or daring enough to play a character that causes trouble. He just ism't funny. Matt Dillon is bland,while Kate Hudson is irritating every time she enters the frame. This frustrating comedy doesn't blend together, and may have been okay if they had a different cast and more ridiculous script.
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