You Kill Me

By BK Blogger
Written July 02, 2007
It's an odd movie. Ben Kingsley is a hit man for his Polish mob family in Buffalo, NY. But, it's Ben Kingsley, so why not? It was playing at our mall theater so on a Sunday afternoon we didn't have to deal with traffic and you know, it was fun! Tea Leoni was great as well. It was the kind of movie from the IFC that you want to support and we did along with a small but filled theater. You know, it's a winner for 1 hour and 30 minutes. Far more satisfying than the usual summer blockbusters. A thumb up for me even though Frank was a killer, he was a person with interesting issues.
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Quirky little movie

By diztrek
Written June 29, 2007
I went to see this movie mainly because my husband wanted to see it but it ended up being more enjoyable than I thought it would. I would not have gone to see on my own and would probably wait to see this on when it came on video/cd rental. Ben Kingsly is always interesting to watch but the Tea Leoni character was pretty implausable as not only his love interest but as a person that would happily go along with his profession to the point of helping him!! (I won't give away anything) There were a few funny moments and lines and the concept that love conquers all rang clear throughout. Nice to see it was partially made in San Francisco!
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Killing Me Softly

By butchy
Written June 28, 2007
You Kill Me is a fun movie with a quirky side and a sentimental side, but it avoids being cliche or corny. Ben Kingsley is so understated at first, you wonder if he's ever going to say more than two words. When he does speak, especially in his AA meetings, he cracks you up without breaking a sweat. And wait 'til you see Bill Pullman, nice to see him playing a character who is a bit twisted. This movie had a little romance, a little action, a little message, and lots of laughs. I really enjoyed it and would reccomend it highly.
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Fun Story w/ Great Acting

By rayte_the_movies
Written June 23, 2007
Dark comedy can be very hit or miss for me, but I thought this movie was spot-on in tone. Ben Kingley was so likeable in the role, you can almost believe that the people he meets are so accepting of his occupation. I have a small problem with Tea Leoni playing this character who feels so alone in her life. She's stunningly beautiful, and seems to have a great personality. What's the problem? That being said, she was great. And it may be my favorite role for Luke Wilson.
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It killed Me

By Smakwater2
Written July 24, 2007
"you kill me" killed me with its clever understated tones. Gone were the extra frills of dialogue both in the script and the charactors lives. What was left was the raw, stripped down, damaged person, or what was left of them after lifes darker challenges fed on them. "Life is not good, but it's good enough for now!"
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