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Funny and good for the kids

By fijigrad97
Written December 30, 2010
My kids, 2 and 4, enjoyed the movie. There were some funny parts and at times you almost forget that Yogi and BooBoo are CGI. If you can, see it in 3D.
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Yogi Bear Movie

By rhondatyler
Written December 28, 2010
Not very good. Not as good as Tangled. It did not keep my 7,4,and 2 year old grand daughters entertained for long. They lost interest about a 1/3 way through the movie.
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Good Stuff

By johnstep
Written December 26, 2010
I took my kids for our traditional christmas eve movie. We all loved it, it was very funny. I really didnt think it was going to be the way it was from the previews...but it was great. Got to see it
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Why Watch Yogie?

By Sacman_movie
Written December 21, 2010
This was a good movie, you didn't hear the actors voices, ie Dan Akroyd or Justin Timberlake, You felt like you where watching a live action of the show. The voices sounded like they should, I would recommend this movie for people who grew up on the cartoons, and children.
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'eh...only kids movie out right now

By michellebrown1234
Written December 20, 2010
This is definate movie for Kids (of course). I was never a fan of Yogi growing up anyhow. it was cute and had some good laugh bits. I did like BooBoo
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