YEAR ONE - BLAHNESS from the get-go. Rating: 45 out of 100. (Per advance press preview)

Written June 17, 2009
Tuesday June 16 - This 100-minute movie by director/producer/co-writer Harold Ramis (and co-produced by Judd Apatow) truly disappoints - as evidenced by the general lack of laughter/mirth from the advance preview audience. I had expected YEAR ONE to be on par with Jack Black's and Michael Cera's previous comedies - but most of the jokes and scenes fell flat - most likely due to the stifling 'plot'/'storyline'(or lack of thereof). I find the crude humor and overall general sexual content repulsive and tasteless. In spite of that, YEAR ONE (costing $75 million to produce) has above-average production qualities. SPOILER ALERT!!! Jack Black's character Zed ate bear turd - GROSS!!! Princess Inanna became queen.. Oliver Platt as High Priest went up in flames like the big 'queen' that he was. Circumcision jokes? PUH-LEEZE! VERDICT: Not kids nor family-friendly. Fans of Jack Black - a MUST-SEE. Lack-luster - NOT WORTH A RENTAL. Actual Rating: D-minus
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Don't get sucked in by the previews

By RandytheMovieFan
Written June 18, 2009
I loved the previews but there can't be more than 5 minutes of additional humor in the entire movie. The writers may have thought having Jack Black lick and then eat bear dung would be the height of hilarity, but like most of the movie it was just gross and lame. Michael Cera tries to breathe life into this turkey but his efforts just serve to highlight the missed opportunities. The scene where Cain (David Cross) brutally murders Abel (an uncredited Paul Rudd) is so spectacularly unfunny that it casts a pall over the movie every time Cross reappears. Capable supporting comics such as Hank Azaria and Bill Hader languish in poorly written cameos. The concept of the movie wasn't bad, but the comic well went dry way too quickly.
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Year One; Pusing the limits of a PG-13 movie

By leedawg62
Written June 20, 2009
Year one was hyped up to be a funny movie with a funny cast featuring Jack Black and Michael Cerra. The commercials probably featured all of the "funny" parts that were appropriate enough to be approved for general audiences. While I am usually a fan of Jack Black's movies, I was very un-impressed with this one. It started off with a funny scene but quickly went south from there. I am one who usually will laugh at "crude humor" but this one pushed the limits way to much and crossed the line. I am very familiar with the bible and the great stories and sacred nature of many of the parts of the Old Testament that this movie used and completely twisted. It was definitely a "Sodham" of a movie. Don't make the mistke and waste $10 on this one like I did.
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Better Than I Expected

By giveortake88
Written June 18, 2009
This movie was alot better than I thought it would be. Althogh the movie felt kinda slow and lame in some parts, most of it was very funny. The funniest character in my opinion was Michael Cera, and his awkawardness in situations is hillarious! Jack black plays a preety good role. And the supporting cast was funny too. The guy who played Mclovin's role in superbad had only a brief part in the movie, but still was funny. Overall, this movie isn't nearly as bad as people say it is. It's definitely no competion for best summer movie, but not the worst either. If you have the time to check it out, i say do so. It might surprise you.
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Not bad...but careful if you take the kids

By 4EverGreen
Written June 21, 2009
I trust the fan ratings (more than those of the critics) and I wasn't sure I wanted to see this movie. But my boys (15 and 11) really wanted to see it so we did. My kids realy liked it and I thought it was pretty good. It probably helped that we were in a full theater with what seemed like a ton of teenage boys and there was lots of laughter. The movie had a lot of sexual references that were funny but perhaps not appropriate for the pre-teen set (like my 11 year old). All in all entertaining, though I think the writers could have done so much more with the story and the actors. If there was a rating between So-So and Go I'd say that would be more accurate for me...but I'll give it the benefit of the doubt and go with a mild "Go".
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