Year One Synopsis
Two lazy villagers begin an epic journey after being banished from their homes.
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San Francisco Chronicle

By Mick LaSalle
Year One has one joke, but it's a good one, played for many variations over the course of an often very funny comedy.
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Entertainment Weekly

By Owen Gleiberman
This is just silliness run mildly wild.
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Baltimore Sun

By Michael Sragow
At best it's a bit like Mel Brooks' "The History of the World Part I" (except Ramis stops somewhere in Genesis); at worst it's like a Scary...
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Philadelphia Inquirer

By David Hiltbrand
Dopey but resourceful yukfest.
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Chicago Tribune

By Michael Phillips
It's the knockabout biblical lark Mel Brooks never got around to making.
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Miami Herald

By Rene Rodriguez
Year One is not really THAT bad and not ENTIRELY without laughs.
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USA Today

By Claudia Puig
The humor, largely centered around bodily functions and bathroom habits, is almost exclusively sophomoric.
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The Hollywood Reporter

By Frank Scheck
A lot of comedic talent founders in this new Harold Ramis comedy that doesn't exactly recall his glory days of "Caddyshack" and "Groundhog...
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Boston Globe

By Ty Burr
Any good will the movie generates, though, is grated right back off by Black, whose obnoxiousness has lost whatever charm it once possessed.
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New York Daily News

By Joe Neumaier
During all of the film’s oh-so-long 97 minutes, Year One, barely earns a snicker.
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YEAR ONE - BLAHNESS from the get-go. Rating: 45 out of 100. (Per advance press preview)

Tuesday June 16 - This 100-minute movie by director/producer/co-writer Harold Ramis (and co-produced by Judd Apatow) truly disappoints - as evidenced by the general lack of laughter/mirth from the...

Don't get sucked in by the previews

By RandytheMovieFan
I loved the previews but there can't be more than 5 minutes of additional humor in the entire movie. The writers may have thought having Jack Black lick and then eat bear dung would be the height of...

Year One; Pusing the limits of a PG-13 movie

By leedawg62
Year one was hyped up to be a funny movie with a funny cast featuring Jack Black and Michael Cerra. The commercials probably featured all of the "funny" parts that were appropriate enough to be...

Better Than I Expected

By giveortake88
This movie was alot better than I thought it would be. Althogh the movie felt kinda slow and lame in some parts, most of it was very funny. The funniest character in my opinion was Michael Cera, and...

Not bad...but careful if you take the kids

By 4EverGreen
I trust the fan ratings (more than those of the critics) and I wasn't sure I wanted to see this movie. But my boys (15 and 11) really wanted to see it so we did. My kids realy liked it and I thought...

Year One

By willsam
This movie was so funny and clever. You should go and see it. My 12 year old son laughed the entire movie....

Good for a round of laughs

By behindthecamera
I saw this with my best friend, and both of us were laughing throughout. However, there were many parts where we thought this should be rated R. You'd like this movie if you: Just want to laugh...

Best Scenes were on the TV trailors

By captcrm
Wait to rent the video and smoke ALOT of weed before watching....

Year One

By kelled45
This is the movie of the year to be avoided. It is unbelievable that it made a PG-13 rating. The movie was extremely raunchy and lacking of any real plot, imagination,and totally void of any humor....

year one!!

By brookeb89
this movie was so hilarious regardless of what people say. who cares if it is quote idiotic is is humorous and that is all that matters. i literally stopped laughing for maybe 5 seconds during the...

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Rated PG-13 | For brief strong language, crude and sexual content and comic violence
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Common Sense Media says Old Testament meets old jokes in rough, unfunny comedy.
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