Year of the Dog Synopsis
The death of a beloved pet changes a secretary's life.
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Roll Over and Play Dead

By Halvafilm
Molly Shannon's performance is good but her character is just so not loveable. All the good will that she builds up in the beginning of the film quickly vanishes during the rest of the movie. The...

Not a comedy

By ginalombarda
This is an interesting film about animals and how people feel about them; how we love them, love them too much, or eat them, or wear their pelts or shoot them for the "rush" of it, or love them in a...


By xtian2007
just because a movie doesn't have the usual formula of guns and *** doesn't mean it isn't bad. on the contrary, this is a movie with an original story and a well-developed protagonist, and it also...

Worst Movie Ever!!!

By akababe
I kept waiting for it to get better and it didn't. I love Molly! She's great and funny! I couldn't bellieve that she would do such a stupid movie. There is no point to this movie at all. I wasted my...

message movie

By xanthemia
I was admittedly taken off guard at the lack of Mary Katherine Gallagher antics. However, this movie was not pitched as a physical comedy. The main reason people should see this movie is because its...

Not a Happy Dog but not a Dead Dog

By idxpart
I was disappointed in the movie. It was depressing. It had lots of good actors in it all doing mediocre acting. And the story was about a dead dog and later a vicious dog and that was all. It was...

MUST SEE>>>if you are an animal lover.

By phoboy
This movie was the best I had seen in a long time. I am vegan and I proudly support this movie. This is a very thought provoking movie spiced with some excellent comedic talent. It will make you...

Weird Tone

By beckyd
Year of the Dog is all about loving the animals. But you can't tell whether the filmmaker Mike White really loves the animals, or is making fun of the people who love the animals. Molly Shannon and...

Year of the Dog

By pkf242
A wait for video. Molly Shannon is engaging, but this movie moves at a snail's pace. Was expecting a light hearted comedy, but it was darker than I thought it would be. Was glad I went by myself...

year of the dog

By swimmaster
It was kind of creepy seeing long, beatific views of Shannon merely staring at the camera looking sentimental, tired, or saccharine. This technique gets really old really fast....

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Rated PG-13 | For some suggestive references
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Common Sense Media says SNL alum shines as grieving, lonely animal lover.
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