Yancey Arias
Date of Birth
Jun 27, 1971
Birth Place:
New York, NY

Worked With

Year Name Title
2014 John Malkovich Cesar Chavez
2011 Peter Stormare Undocumented
2010 Charles S. Dutton Legion
2010 Lucas Black Legion
2010 Paul Bettany Legion
2010 Dennis Quaid Legion
2010 Neal McDonough Ticking Clock
2010 Cuba Gooding, Jr. Ticking Clock
2008 Val Kilmer Knight Rider [TV Series]
2008 Bruce Davison Knight Rider [TV Series]
2007 Kevin Smith Live Free or Die Hard
2007 Bruce Willis Live Free or Die Hard
2007 Zeljko Ivanek Live Free or Die Hard
2006 Linda Hamilton Thief [TV Series]
2006 Andre Braugher Thief [TV Series]
2006 Michael Rooker Thief [TV Series]
2006 Edward James Olmos Walkout
2003 Stephen Tobolowsky Kingpin
2003 Sean Young Kingpin
2003 Maria Conchita Alonso Kingpin
2002 Jeremy Irons The Time Machine
2002 Phyllida Law The Time Machine
2002 Alan Young The Time Machine
2002 Guy Pearce The Time Machine
2002 Mark Addy The Time Machine
2001 Keith David Home Invaders
1997 Jenny Wright NYPD Blue: Upstairs, Downstairs
1992 Christopher Lee Innocent Blood
1992 Robert Loggia Innocent Blood
1992 Angela Bassett Innocent Blood
1992 Peter Cushing Innocent Blood
1992 Michael Ritchie Innocent Blood
1992 Tom Savini Innocent Blood
1992 Bela Lugosi Innocent Blood
1992 Sam Raimi Innocent Blood
1992 Frank Oz Innocent Blood
1992 Anthony LaPaglia Innocent Blood
1992 Dario Argento Innocent Blood
1992 Luis Guzman Innocent Blood
1992 Chazz Palminteri Innocent Blood
1992 Anne Parillaud Innocent Blood
1992 Linnea Quigley Innocent Blood
1992 Don Rickles Innocent Blood
1990 Jennifer Grey Criminal Justice
1990 Rosie Perez Criminal Justice
1990 Forest Whitaker Criminal Justice
1990 Anthony LaPaglia Criminal Justice
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