WOLVERINE - all claws, hype and very little bite. GRADE: C

Written May 01, 2009
4/30 Thurs - I just attended the advance press preview of this 107minute action-flick on Wolverine's origin - starring Hugh Jackman - although you'll feel little/no empathy for Wolverine's character. Because I'm familiar with Marvel Ent.'s products/characters, I was perplexed by many Marvel comics characters that appeared so briefly with little/no character development - as if the producers/screenwriters/director were trying to cram as many characters as they can into the movie at the expense of a stronger better developed plot. I hated how they twisted/perverted the Emma Frost character since she is nothing like as portrayed in Marvel comics. WOLVERINE delivered lots of action but director Gavin Hood exercised restraint on scenes of gore/blood just to earn the movie's PG-13 rating - totally watered-down. UNSATISFYING ending. BONUS scene AFTER the credits. ALERT!!! SPOILER: Prof. Charles Xavier appears at the end. VERDICT: MEDIOCRE 'action' movie - a rental.
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The Good, The Bad, and The Wolverine

By Kyle_Adkins
Written May 03, 2009
The Good: At the beginning of the movie, Deadpool was played perfectly. Smart ***, Bad *** character, slicing and dicing his way through 20+ men. All of the comments just spiced up and brung him to life. Perfect portrayal (In the beginning of the movie.. that is..). The Bad: I entered this movie with really high hopes (Specifically because Dead pool is being played by Ryan Reynolds, whom they could have picked no better part for!) for a highly entertaining movie, but I was too pissed off about the direction this film took to really care. Being a fan of X-men for a long time, I was rather horrified as they butchered the storyline so mercilessly to try to spin off a new thing. Look Hollywood, I get it. You like to "Jazz things up", but honestly there is only so far you can take things. The Wolverine: Your claws look like crap. I've never seen worse CGI. It's almost like they were done in MS Paint. Please fire the guy who did it.
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Wolverine: The Beginning

By Daydream
Written April 22, 2009
Jackman never disappoints as the aggressive and side-burned Wolverine. X-Men Origins provides the history of how Logan became Wolverine. He keeps running from his past and from the animal inside him, but his past keeps catching up to him. Liev Schreiber dominates and brilliantly captures the animalistic nature of Sabertooth. At a glance, anyone could mistake him for an average joe until he bears his beast-like hands and claws. Jackman's, Schreiber's, and Kitsch's (as Gambit) performances more than make up for what this film lacks in well developed mutant characters. I expected more, but only because I grew up reading the comics.. Exceptional stunts and fight scenes! Jackman's 4 a.m. daily workouts really paid off. Check it out May 1st! (B)
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Anyone who likes this movie has no brain

By merknerlson
Written May 01, 2009
I don't usually write reviews, but I couldn't help myself with this terrible movie. Keep in mind that I am an avid comic book reader and am a fan of both universes. I don't like Wolverine. I never have. I don't like non-comic book readers who like Wolverine. Anyways, to start off, this movie is not good. Hugh Jackman needs to leave the Wolverine franchise forever. There is not one thing about him that actually symbolizes Wolverine. The supporting characters like Deadpool and Gambit have virtually no part in the movie. It features a slew of other unpopular characters. I've read the graphic novel that this movie bases much of its plot on. The book is better. Certain events in the movie's plot don't make much sense in both concept and execution. So, anyone who likes this movie A) doesn't read comics B) likes badly written movies C) likes wasting money D) bases their decisions on what other ignorant people say
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By Enolc 117
Written November 13, 2008
this is a must go for sure
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