Great Prequel.. watched online

By JoseBoyd
Written March 03, 2016
This was possibly the best X-Men film yet. The series has only been getting better! You can stream it free at the website [BLOCKED WEBSITE] .(c)(o)(m)
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Good Reboot of Franchise & Good Movie

By cranky_dad
Written June 06, 2011
As mentioned in my review of Wolverine, I have enjoyed the X Men series, so I was a very curious how they would relaunch the series. They did a terrific job and as with Nolan's Dark Knight and Abrams' Star Trek, made us care about old characters more and welcomed new ones. James McAvoy & Michael Fassbender make an engaging younger Professor X & Magneto respectively. Using 1962 as a backdrop, they introduce us to each of the members of the team and villans in a measured way (never feels rushed) and we actually care what happens to them; I was particularly rooting for Jennifer Lawrence as young Mystique and Nicholas Hoult as Hank McCoy-Beast. Nice (but not overbearing) effects and cool costumes rounded it out well. Go see it!
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By muchi3413
Written June 06, 2011
This by far is the best installment in the xmen series. The actors did a brilliant job in portraying the young mutants. The entire team did a wonderful job in telling such an emotional and suspenseful story. Bravo! This film is a must see. I do not reccomend it for any kids under the age of 14. It has a few moments that are a little grown up for young viewers. :)
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a must see action thriller

By diet pepsi
Written January 12, 2012
i for one did not know whether to see this movie at first due to some negative reviews but it turned out wonderful a nonstop action triller every secound full of action and suspence just an all around great way to spend the summer time at the theater one of the best action movies last year
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The only thing that bugged me...

By mtknightdog
Written December 30, 2011
Had some cheesiness (Young Mutants bragging about their powers) and some confusing character motivation moments (Seemed like some mutants chose Magneto's side just so he could have a decent sized gang of friends). Then again, saw some people getting emotional during the finale, so I guess it balances itself out. ~~ The only thing that bugged me... ~~ I just wished that the studio would admit that this was a reboot and stop trying to force on us that its a prequel. They used a ton of material from the older movies as marketing bait. Yet, there are too many glaring continuity errors to declare this an official prequel. (How is Emma Frost older in the past, yet she and Cyclops are the same age in Origins?!?) The script seems to have been written without giving the older movies much of a thought (other than twice; the bar cameo and opening scene nod) They should just go forward with this movie as a new trilogy and leave the older trilogy and its spin-off (Origins) in its own universe
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