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The best X-Men movie by far!!!!

By nicholas14
Written March 26, 2015
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By janetunger
Written August 24, 2014
Great movie; lots of action; story line was unique and made sense; tied the whole series up in a great way.
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It Was Very Promising

By MixedDude
Written December 04, 2014
The Hype Was Real. #XmenDaysOfFuturePast Had Me On The Edge Of My Seat.Good Pacing & Generally Decent Logistics Plus The Use Of Small In-Jokes (Example Logon Double Taking Of Not Setting Of The Metal Detectors) Very Kool And Well Done Can't Wait Til #XmenApocalypse (Look At The Post Credits) Hits The Big Screen
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Great Movie

By regcmdr
Written May 31, 2014
Great story, awesome fight scenes. You will no be disappointed.
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Lots of hot men, but not enuf rogue!

By johnrmonk
Written May 25, 2014
I knew they chopped up rogue's scenes & turned them into itty bitty ashes, but the cameo they left in was such ****! There was plenty of raven/mystique. Loads of scenes of hot guys. Lots of Logan/wolverine, professor x, & Eric/magneto. I was happy w/the balance of action to drama. It's a must-see summer blockbuster. & if u stay til the very end, after all the credits, there's a sneak preview. I don't understand it, but I guess I'll just have to wait & see in the next x-men movie! ;)
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