X Games 3D: The Movie Synopsis
The stories and perfromances of athletes competing in the X Games are chronicled.
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X GAMES 3D - gets a B-PLUS grade! Rating: 89 out of 100. (Based on a advance VIP press preview)

Tuesday August 18th. X GAMES 3D was amazingly engaging riveting - well-put together documentary that got my adrenaline pumping. Not my kind of sport - but I was just amazed mesmerized by the...

PURE X-ertainment

By cinemagregster
Just saw this movie tonight as a guest of the Orange Count Register newspaper. I was thoroughly entertained and in awe of this 3D production. I'm a 49yo male who grew up with an aluminum skateboard,...


By RickCritic
I was lucky enough to go to the Premiere in LA during the X Games this year. This is what 3D is meant to showcase. The imagery is amazing. The storylines are inspirational. You have to go see...

Best freaking movie ever

By motoX
This doc is so awesome - lots of coll behind-the-scenes stuff, and the 3D stuff is so cool. I won a ticket to the premiere at the X Games in L.A. a couple weeks ago. Can't wait to go again with...

great moive

By dirtrider86
Espn put to together a get moive...


By Angiejda
This was a great movie. My boys (age 8 and age 10) loved it! 3-D made it even better. I was glad there wasn't anything bad in it, like language....


By roxsr
3D great!...

X-Games 3D

By stitchmadness24
It was really good. I give a lot of respect to those pro athletes that put their lives on the line to entertain us. Awesome movie...

X Games 3D: The Movie

By JRodriguez3
They movie was great. The 3D effect was super cool and we really enjoyed it. The only downside to it, was that they didn't show more sports. It was mostly focused on Motocross, rally cross, and...

Awesome Sports Documentary!

By gibsonrocker
You must go see this GREAT SPORTS DOCUMENTARY!! It is just amazing in 3D and it is just great!...

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Rated PG | For extreme sports action and accidents
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Common Sense Media says Sports documentary is full of sights -- and salesmanship.
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