Wynton Marsalis and Eric Clapton Play the Blues Synopsis
Wynton Marsalis and Eric Clapton spend an evening performing blues, rock and jazz.

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Wynton Marsalis and Eric Clapton Play the Blues

By lmrossmann
As we are Eric Clapton FANS and we've seen him on numerous occasions, it was truly interesting to see him playing in a style and with different musicians than he customarily plays with. It was...

When Blues met his brother, Jazz

By fettman
I hope they show this one again. Their performance together was remarkable. Great mixing of Dixieland style Jazz with Blues classics. Then top it off with Taj Mahal joining them to perform the Gospel...

Marsalis & Clapton - FANTASTIC

By Mooneyorama
it was great!...

Great together!!!

By edo
Wynton Marcalis and Eric Clapton were great together combining the best talents of both along with excellent world class musicians. Song list was very entertaining. Unfortunately, the Dish Network...

birthday gift for my husband

By mediclady2003
The ticket to see this show was a birthday gift for my husband. He absolutely LOVES Wynton and his music. My husband is a trumpet player as well, so he not only likes the music, he appreciates it as...

Marsalis & Clapton - Very Nice!

By Sacto Tim
I'm a huge Eric Clapton fan and I've seen him in concert several times. While I knew the reputation of Wynton Marsalis, I'd never knowingly heard him play before. What a mistake! The show was...

Marsalis and Clapton

By yizbieta
It was wonderul. I love Eric Clapton and am quite familiar with Marsalis as well. I love Jazz and BLues both so it was perfect for me. Loved their rendition of Layla and the real plus was when Eric...

Marsalis & Clapton Play the Blues

By 13 samantha
Top rate show, a great bunch of "Talent's" This was outstanding and great mix of music. Enjoyed the zooming in and out of each musicians and be able to see their expression of love of music. You...

Awesome Duo - Fantastic Jazz Concert!

By phoenixfaith
Wow! Absolutely fantastic duo: Marsalis & Clapton. LOVED the music and it's a must for Jazz lovers! AAAAA+++++++ Must See/Hear!...

Marsalis and Clapton Play the Blues

By stjordan
As always EC never dissapoints. The collaboration with Wynton Marsalis and the rest of the band mambers was absolutely over the top. Really brings a newfounded appreciation of jazz....

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