Worst Title Best Movie

By christmas_at_the_zoo
Written October 12, 2007
This movie is weird dark sweet romantic. Excellent idea, great locations acting perfect. I'm afraid no one will go see this because of the title and the limited release. But if it plays near you (or two hours away from you) GO. GO NOW, you might miss it. Going in my dvd collection the day it comes out.
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Unexpected Love

Written November 01, 2007
I don't know what I was thinking before I went to the movie b/c my GF picked it but I ended up loving the movie. Unique view of the after life and Tom Waits was a pleasant surprise.
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Perfect movie after a long work week...

By jstamps
Written October 20, 2007
I could not get ANYONE to go to this movie with me because they thought it would be depressing. I have to say, I rarely walk out of movies so happy to be alive and so grateful for all the little things in life. Needless to say, my friends that went to Gone Baby Gone had quite the opposite experience. If you're into quirky, cute, smart movies that don't lay it on too thick but still leave you thinking about things afterwards then this is your movie! Great cast, shot well, and altogether loveable. Great movie to go and see after a long week at work. Enjoy!
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Whoa There!!!

By bsdotcom
Written October 20, 2007
It's always great to go to a movie and be pleasantly surprised. When the final credits started rolling I just sat in my chair amazed; it was *that* good. I can see how it really will only be a 'cult classic' (i.e. not much broad appeal), but if the storyline *at all* seems interesting to you I'm sure you'll love it. Go see it!!!
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Quirky and Original Offbeat Romantic Comedy

By Jack Daniels 19
Written October 20, 2007
Finally something fresh from Hollywood. I read the NY Times review and saw that this was the critics choice for the week so I went to check this delightful little film. I was a little thrown by the title but don't be - its just this odd place (not overdone), where the story takes place. The story follows Zia, who afte his girl friend dumps him, decides to "off himself". Where he ends up is the place where we are supposed to go after offing. 'Its a little worse than our world and nobody can smile there". The movie then becomes a charming road trip/love story with an ending that leaves you feeling great. Highly highly recomend this film, finally not more Hollywood garbage.
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