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Wreckk it Ralph

By bonniebb
Written December 18, 2014
The grandchildren and the grownups thought it was a fun movie to see. The story was full of crazy ideas and the characters were funny. I would see it again.
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Best Disney movie!!

By lisak623
Written April 25, 2015
This movie is a must to go see. It was the best Disney movie I have seen in years. The characters are so likable and they look awesome. Saw it twice this weekend it was so good!! The folks at Disney animation out did themselves here. I smell an Oscar for this one!!
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Cute movie for all ages if you like animated fun

By linalpop00
Written December 25, 2014
Our whole family went together over Thanksgiving holidays. There were lots of kids there who seemed to be entertained. Our group of 20 somethings -60 somethings all enjoyed the movie and had a good time. Plot was clever and funny. Characters were charming. There were lots of references that will make sense to younger adults, but it should be appropriate for current children as well.
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Passed Expectations

By dragonsuma
Written June 30, 2015
I was not expecting this movie to pull me in like it did. I found the story to be cute and teaches children a lesson about being yourself. It made me very happy to see a film like this.
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Ralph is Awesome!

By bastett
Written August 05, 2015
Growing up I used to play various games but non of them come close to this film. "Wreck it Ralph" is a film for both kids and adults. It pleases all ages and makes you feel good. I saw this film with my ex and we were both crying by the end of the film. See it in 3D. Don't wait to rent this if you can. See it now!
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