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By jimpressley
Written November 06, 2012
As entertaining as animated movies get! For adults, the movie starts a bit slowly while the underlying story line is explained, but the premise is refreshing and the movie takes off eventually. I laughed, I cried, I caught a few references to movies that were obviously intended for adults only. The colors and animation were as impressive as the high-definition of the picture and the sound was sharp and brilliant. I didn't see any child of any age lose their attention span at this one. Take the was fun!
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Wreck It Ralph

By LiteSpeed0406
Written February 14, 2016
Life lessons on responsibility and doing the right thing are there for kids and adults as well. Great movie for any family. Disney has done it again!
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Game On!

By moviesjetaime
Written June 30, 2016
Super cute, very smart cartoon movie (read: animated film) that plays to adults just as much as it does to the kiddies. Overgrown Ralph, with fists like wrecking balls, is a great character, but it's Vanellope von Schweetz who steals the show. Sarah Silverman is amazing as the voice of this pint-sized, ponytailed racing powerhouse. Jack McBrayer and Jane Lynch are kind of awesome too, and for anyone who grew up on video games---atari to super nintendo to playstation, xbox and beyond---this is sure to bring back some sweet memories. Game on.
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Wreck it Ralph

By behaze
Written May 06, 2016
Great movie for kids and adults. Great animation, funny and there are lessons to be learned. I think it is a "Must go". We took our family and we were not disappointed.
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Ralph is not a Wreck

By cyanfalcon
Written February 11, 2016
If you don't fall in love with Venelope by the end of this movie then you are not pumping blood. I couldn't wait for more and couldn't wait for what was to happen next. Wreck-It didn't do anything but fix our love for the movie. The other games that were shown brought back memories of my childhood but also gave it the 21st century twist that you can enjoy now. Wreck is a A++ and I can't wait to own the DVD.
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