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One of the best video game focused movies I've ever seen!

By JRSantore
Written September 26, 2016
This movie is awesome for both Kids and Children alike, and it is very funny. The movie seems more funny for people who get the game references like me and my friends. So a lot of little kids might not understand. But other than that this movie is funny as heck and very enjoyable!
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So good...

By nace180
Written June 24, 2017
I can say that I wasn't 100% thrilled when my brother picked this as his movie of choice for his day off movie. I was so pleasantly surprised. The classic arcade references alone were worth the movie as a whole, but there was so much more to it than just some campy old time 8-bit glorifying movie. The characters had great personalities and I was able to find myself really feeling for each of the characters. As an adult with young siblings I sometimes lament having to do the kid stuff, but I felt like I got as much out of it as my 12 year old brother did. There was a few things that made us jump, and I think that's fun in a movie because it keeps you on your toes. Overall this was a great movie and I could see taking younger kids as well as people older than me enjoying it.
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Great Concept

By werpnst
Written August 30, 2016
We took our two kids and two of their friends to see WIR. The concept was very funny and it was fun explaining to all of the kids the way video games appeared and were played in "the beginning". Very good family movie.
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More than I expected

By Matticus_Finch
Written December 11, 2016
My charming wife and I went off to see Wreck-It Ralph and thoroughly enjoyed it. I was expecting plenty of jokes about old arcade games and it delivered in those terms. I didn't expect to enjoy the relationships between the different characters so much, or to have the plot actually surprise me! It was funny, it was sweet, it surprised me; I thoroughly enjoyed it.
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The "Roger Rabbit" of the Video Game Generation

By Redbeard25
Written August 30, 2016
While "Wreck-it Ralph" won't win any awards, nor will it probably be a classic for future generations, it achieves its purpose well: providing a non-stop adventure through the cords and bits of a video game universe filled with humor, emotion, and in-jokes for the moms and dads. If you know what the Konami code is, don't miss this film. And, if you know who Pac-man is, don't miss this film. Kids: I took my four year-old to see it in non-3D, and that was a good choice. He was engaged through the whole film... but didn't leave excited. If you have a six to eleven year-old, it's probably right in the pocket for them, boy or girl.
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