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By L0rii
Written February 14, 2016
This was adorable! It made my day so much better! I literally went from frustrated and irritated to HAPPY! Some parts are somewhat predictable but it was the adorable predictable that had to happen because then it would've just been depressing. And there were also shockers. One or two and they were enough. This is a movie I would definitely recommend. This was not entirely for kids. I saw it and I'm definitely not a child. For kids still yes though. Some of the language somewhat surprised me because I did not expect it to be in a Disney movie. Mostly just one word I noticed that I wouldn't really want to be said around a child though they might already be hearing it at school the way things are these days. It was funny, sad, exciting, and all-around what I think was a wonderful movie.
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A surprising triumph

By gelinas.j.alexandre
Written February 09, 2016
I've been a big fan of video games since my youth, so as soon as this movie's first trailer was released my interest was piqued. I avoided any critical reception before seeing the film, and was blown away. It was adorable, touching, wonderful and obviously made by people who have a fondness for all things video games. The references were numerous, but never overwhelming. The writing was clever for adults, but entertaining for kids. The animation and voice acting was superb. The sound design and soundtrack was wonderful too! Overall, I recommend this movie to absolutely anyone - even if you aren't a huge fan of video games. The story is great, the message is positive, the short that plays before the film is exceptional - a hit on all levels.
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We have a winner!

By Hintcoins
Written August 04, 2015
I absolutely loved this movie. The soundtrack, environments, and thought that went into making this feel like different game worlds were all incredibly fantastic. I feel like the underlying back story that helps aid the reveal at the end could've been a little bit more dramatic or emphasized, but overall I'd recommend anyone who enjoys a lot of cute (almost heart-crushing) moments and fun characters to check it out. First the first time in a while, I feel like rewatching a movie in theaters instead of waiting for a DVD release.
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Disney has done it again! Great for kids and parents alike

By King372
Written April 21, 2015
Wreck It Ralph is a fantastic movie for kids of all ages (including 40 year old kids like me). I took my 8 and 5 year old and they had a blast seeing it. The script is good, animation is great, and using video game characters is a pure stroke of genius. John Lasseter and team have once again put together an amazing cast of characters that all ages can relate to. I highly recommend this movie.
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By movie_weekend
Written November 27, 2015
I took my little boy and nephew (both 6 years old). They loved the video game characters and action. Although it is 2 hours long, they sat still until the last thirty minutes. Seeing all the older video games reminded me of going to the arcade when I was younger and thinking those games were so advanced. Cleverly written so both kids and adults will be amused.
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