Wreck-It Ralph is a clever and nostalgic visual delight

By kcu3986
Written May 30, 2016
So Wreck-It Ralph was all kinds of AWESOME and really clever! It felt like a Pixar movie since it reminds me of Toy Story - how these characters have lives of their own when humans aren't looking. For all those gamers, the first 15 minutes alone has so many gaming and character references. I wish I could've paused each frame to see what characters they included in the background and I'm sure I missed alot since I'm not a huge gamer myself. But the ones I did notice were great! Especially the Street Fighter references. Even in 3D, the visuals were bright and like eye-candy (literally since a large part of the movie takes place in a candy world) and I loved all the pixel art Disney created. There's so much attention to detail. It's worth it to stay through the credits just to see the custom pixel art Disney made to integrate the Wreck-It Ralph characters into popular old-school games. Go see it!!! P.S. The short film shown at the beginning was SUPER cute and awww-w
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Wreck-It Ralgh! was Worth-It Retrospective!

By Special_K - w/peaches
Written November 08, 2012
First of all.............mmm.......im still in shock from seeing this movie!!! Amazing graphics! Up with top films like Avatar and Finding Nemo, keeping your eyes super glued to that 3-D screen! Totaly enjoyed the creative story line in bringing retro games to life by giving characters realistic charm and personality! Great cast of comedic actors to their appropriate characters making me laugh and beg for more! Disney has done its homework and delivered a smash hit! Im definitely adding this one to the collection! 5 stars!
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A New Disney Classic!!! Silverman was made for voicing characters!!!

By sjur03
Written May 28, 2017
This film, like ParaNorman, was more than expected in terms of a kids film being very informative for families and kids and how to deal with life. When they explained how we need bad guys was very existential and refreshing for a Disney film! All the voices were perfect too!! Reilly is always interesting, Lynch is great in her Glee-tough way, Silverman was born for this character and voice work in general, and McBreyer was perfect for Fix-It Felix! Check out this very funny play on video games, non-stop jokes for gamers, and new classic while it's still on the big screen!!
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Wreck it Ralph! A must see for kids!

By luvsmoviestoo
Written December 03, 2016
My son was anxiously waiting for this to come out since seeing the previews during spiderman. He was not disapointed and neither was his friend. They laughed hard and had a great time. The movie was cute and fun.. i was truly surprised that they felt it was worth the wait for the movie to come out.
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Wreck it Ralph

By elodiarodriguez
Written November 30, 2016
Wreck itbRalph is worth watching more than once! The storyline is appealing to people of all ages. I took my entire family and everyone agreed that this is one ofnthe best movies they had seen in a long time. The humor was simple yet free of profanities. I would watch this again.
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