Could've Been Better

By brettcarp
Written November 04, 2012
This kids movie looked promising but feel short of being an entertainer for both kids AND adults. The retro video-arcade references and characters could have been so much better. Good for kids though.
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Great family movie

By MarnyBP
Written November 08, 2012
Kids age 6,9, and 10 all gave it a big thumbs up. My 10 year old even saw it twice in one week. They talked about it the entire drive home. Entertaining for kids and adults with a really great message.
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Really, Really Good!

By Grannytogo
Written September 22, 2014
My Grandkids and I all enjoyed this movie! It's funny and so inventive. Some really subtle lines and some poignant parts. Very imaginative! I had no idea I would enjoy it so much! And, I honestly think the trailers they're showing for this movie don't do it justice. I usually think most trailers over-play a movie but this time it's exactly the opposite.
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Wreck It Ralph

By fourview
Written November 04, 2012
This was a great movie idea, to think that characters would leave there game and go into other games was fascinating to see. especially seeing the old games that adults use to play..
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By hopeismyweapon
Written January 02, 2013
Hands down one of the best animated movies I've ever seen in my life. Great story, great humor, POWERFUL and POSITIVE messages to children and adults alike about loving who they are. Seriously stresses the value of good self esteem and self love. Wonderful!!!
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