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By BaBa_BooeY
Written March 30, 2012
It is a shame I need subtitles to see an American movie. Because of all foreign actors it is hard to understand what they say because of the thick accents.
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Best movie I've seen in a while

By Truebluu
Written April 02, 2012
I was a little hesitant when I heard the critics had given this movie only two stars, I'm glad that didn't stop me. I Don't know about you, but when I go to the movies I'm looking for entertainment and I got it! I laughed , I cried, I enjoyed it very very much!
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Action Filled, Visually Intense, Worth It's Ticket Price.

By Al P
Written March 30, 2012
Obviously manufactured for a specific audience demographic, what this film lacks in technical originality it more than makes up for in visual entertainment value. The nonstop action from beginning to end makes it more of an experience than a play. What dialogue is there is tightly written and appropriate to the scene. The one prevailing impression this viewer takes away from this sitting is FIRE, FIRE and more FIRE. So much in fact that you may have trouble seeing orange for several hours afterward. Still, it's not a bad flick and if you're in to action fantasy, this is a decent choice. It's way too intense for small kids, otherwise see it. You won't be disappointed.
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Lacking a little

By 3dking
Written March 31, 2012
I liked the movie over all but I wish there had been more to the maze and a lot more to the final battle! The movie seemed short I personally could have sat through a 3hr :"Wrath of the Titans" if it had better battle scenes so on a rating of 1-10 Ill give it a 6
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By gdub847
Written March 31, 2012
I think the makers of this movie basically took a dump on greek mythology and made it into a movie. Special effects were cool, but they story line was trash. The plot took you all over the place and I was never able to connect with the movie. For some reason the gods can die in this movie, and I thought that was ridiculous. And, Kronos is a giant fire demon of some kind. There is no way that it works out genetically for him to produce zues, hades, and poseidon. Ultimately, I hated this movie and it wasn't worth ten bucks.
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