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No Wrath @ IMAX

By Shmgent
Written April 08, 2012
Avoid giving yourself a migraine by seeing this movie in IMAX. Some movies just were not made for iMAX and this is one of those. I usually enjoy an IMAX movie but watching Wrath of the Titans in IMAX 3D was not enjoyable. After spending $38 for the movie on Fandango and then another $9.50 on refreshments I certainly had a case of buyers remorse afterwards. I believe if i had seen this movie in digital 3D or non 3D I would have given it a "Go".
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an experience indeed!

By bevdango9
Written April 04, 2012
My husband and I loved it! Non stop action, very moving and fun as well! We have told all our friends and family that this is a 'must-see' movie for sure.....only in Imax 3d though!!! Will go to see it again!! :)
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Lots of Fun

By DBall2814
Written April 15, 2012
If you are a fan of Greek mythology, go see this movie, especially if you were blown away by the "Clash" remake a few years ago. The 3D is a lot better, the CG-rendered scenes and characters are masterfully done, and the movie is just as fast-paced as it's predecessor. It's also a new story featuring old (very old - thousands of years) characters, not just a retelling of a story that everyone knows so well.
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By Nestaline
Written April 01, 2012
I was not only amazed to see how far the producers have gone to describe and go in deeper with the untold part of the GODS' secrets. I watched it twice! I love it! For an epic movie it's the best, the actors are great and the effects are awesome. I like the fact that the violence was not too cruel and respected PG13, that was cool and the imagination of the pictures was extraordinary. I-max raised it up with all that supper effect I was touched. That is one movie that I will want to keep in my favorites with my DVR. I do have one enigma : Cronos had 3 sons, Zeus, Haities, and Poseidon. All three brothers united against there father and stayed united until the strongest one banished the wise one. So we have sons against fathers and brothers helping each other. Than the mightiest God get betrayed by his own pure blood son that was Ares, to end the rein of the GODS one and for all, at least until Haities feels strong enough to bring back to life his two brothers. He's still alive afterall
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Great Smooth Poppin out 3D effects and Fun movie in general. Good Sequel

By starjowns
Written April 02, 2012
I def enjoyed the movie. I liked the first and this one expanded on it, I enjoyed the more or less simple plot that allowed for an action packed flick. I liked the story was different from the 1st and was about sibling rivalry & redemption. Great 3D effects, hard to believe it was NOT shot in 3D, a buncha stuff poppin out of screen, def added to the exp. *Spoiler* kinda, I appreciate a Liam Neeson joint ending with good taste in mouth after the depressing ending from "The Grey"
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