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By cleoX3
Written December 09, 2016
A movie about Perseus, the gods, and titans should not be so-so. The creators should've done a much better job with the picture and the storyline. I give the movie a B. this should've been an A+ movie. I basically feel like they used the name of the movie to sell it. This movie was an utter disappointment for me, I hold movies like this is high esteem. They have a lot to learn from movies like 300.
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Wrath of the Movie Makers

By brave-hearted
Written April 01, 2012
This was no where near as good as I expected it to be. The action shots were horribly done! The director has you so up close to the action and its moving so fast that you can't see what's going on. The action shots are literally a blur of activity. If you're intent on seeing it, wait for it to come out on DVD or PPV and save some money for something more entertaining.
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My Dad's 1st 3D Movie!!!

By chrisleembhc
Written April 01, 2012
Decided to take my 70 yr old father to go see this. It was his 1st 3D experience. HE LOVED IT! The effects were incredible and the story was truely awesome. I highly recommend this to everyone.......WOW!!!
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Only for Speciail Effects

By Cariz_TakeOn_it
Written April 01, 2012
I saw this in 3-D at the you'd think I would be more impressed...sadly...not the case. It's a boring movie propped up by an hour and a half of special effects...impressive as those are, I like a good story...dialog...etc. to go with all the awesome 3D and cg effect...Not that there weren't great Actors...just really bad script.....So if you're REALLY, REALLY into special effects and do'nt mind watching an entire movie of them with no real story..dialog..or acting to go with them this might be fun.....if not..skip this one.
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Fun sequel and nonstop action

By swnola
Written March 31, 2012
This movie is very entertaining and we took our boys ages 8 and 10. They really liked the action and even were interested in the Greek mythology. Don't know why people are hard on this movie its clearly for a fun entertainment. If you're looking for a cool movie my vote is go see it.
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