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Very Entertaining - ZOMBIES

By freakinfit
Written March 23, 2017
I thought this was very husband thought it was predictable...but that's just silly. Of course it was predictable - Brad Pitt would prevail - duh! - But other than that fact (that any idiot could have predicted), I thought it kept you thinking. Very good.
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By overcannon
Written June 22, 2013
The plot was awful and filled with undisguised plot devices. The acting was mediocre at best. I hope the director dies in a car crash soon, and whoever wrote the screenplay should be consigned to one of the lowest circles of hell.
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World War Z

By rmroder
Written October 22, 2016
It was OK but not all it was cracked up to be. A few holes in the story like all the world is blacked out and they take a commercial flight to England and crash next to where they were headed and then don't bump into any Z's until their inside the building.
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Not bad...but...

By derekllp23
Written March 24, 2017
I must say, it was actually better than I thought it would be. However, the final moments left me a little unfulfilled. But it's worth a look.
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World War Zzzzzzz

By bludwick3
Written May 01, 2016
This movie was just OK. After reading the reviews, I really thought it would've been a lot better. The movie got a good start but seemed to drag on too long. The acting/actors did a good job but the plot line got a little silly.
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