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Proof that the Zombie Genre Maxed Out

By waltertstevenson
Written December 27, 2014
* Clusterfunk of a storyline * Gratuitous characters that come and go * Rushed exposition * Mediocre special effects * Lame, deflating "ah ha" ending There were a couple moments where the rendition of the zombies was so goofy, various people in the theatre giggled. Surprisingly, Brad Pitt's understated acting was one of the redeeming aspects of the flick. Anyway, don't bother.
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just enough scare

By yogifalkin
Written September 20, 2014
I took my daughter to see WWZ last night and it was scary enough to get us both jumping out of our seats and covering our 3D glasses but without the rediculous amount of gore that makes you want to vomit your popcorn. The zombies were scary and vicious but it wasn't over the top. It met my expectations and Pitt did an amazing job as always. It's a must see summer blockbuster and in 3D for sure.
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too many plot holes

By ssmilay
Written April 25, 2015
I shouldn't be second-guessing the director's choices before the movie is over. Why wouldn't zombies want to bite/infect terminally ill people? The terminal illness would not affect them, as the movie explicitly points out, and because zombies are created so quickly, they could certainly create new zombies from sick people before the sick people have a chance to die.
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By overcannon
Written June 22, 2013
The plot was awful and filled with undisguised plot devices. The acting was mediocre at best. I hope the director dies in a car crash soon, and whoever wrote the screenplay should be consigned to one of the lowest circles of hell.
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Good action movie, good acting and worth seeing

By lindalou222
Written December 01, 2014
A pretty good zombie flick but no blood, gore or close-ups of actors with fake blood and guts in their mouths. But the zombies are still scary. I jumped a couple times. The actors are very convincing even though the story line is pretty far fetched. It was a reasonable length also (116 minutes).
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