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A different Zombie Movie

By amckenz215
Written June 22, 2013
Overall, I liked the movie. It was a different kind of zombie movie in that I had always thought that zombies were brain dead and dragged their feet when they walk...not here. Think of those fast little ants that zoom all around and who hold onto each other when they need to climb a sheer wall or float in the water. I liked how the movie got right to the action in the beginning instead of spending a half hour building up to it. Brad Pit was good as the dad of two daughters. I recognized his wife from a TV series, but can't remember the title. There's plenty of action and thrills and the plot develops nicely and is easy to follow. No twists and turns here, although I twisted and squirmed in my seat a number of times, so be prepared! Ultimately, the movie is predictable, but does entertain and scare at points. I give it 3 1/2 to 4 stars.
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2/3 of a good movie

By manonst
Written August 27, 2014
The first 2 acts of this movie are tense and enjoyable. Its first 1/3 is almost non-stop action. the 2nd 1/3 is slower but equally tense -- good suspense-building. But then... the movie more or less ends with a 5-min summary of what came next. There's no final 1/3. That's really too bad, because the movie has source material and the chops for to have been really great. Perhaps they were hoping for a sequel?
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A Thriller in its genre

By reload4
Written August 21, 2014
I did not read the novels, so to those folks I apologize! However I am a Zombie movie fan and a Walking Dead series fan! I thought this flick was very well done and very well acted especially by Mr Pitt! The plot was very international and very interesting. The action sequences were breathtaking, and my wife just about squeezed my arm off in a few of them! I've heard the movie doesn't follow the novel series very accurately, so if your a fan of the books you may come away disappointed! I was not however, as I enjoyed all of it and will buy the DVD!! Go see it!! 8 )
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Fantastic Movie

By ezeebuxs
Written July 31, 2014
It did start a little slow but then wow! i loved the zombie people they were very scary ..this movie was more like if a real attacked happened what it would be like! i recommend it!
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Great Proformance

By amandazilanis1
Written August 21, 2014
Brad Pitt shows how great of an actor he is in this movie, there's never a disappointment nor dull moment from him. But the movie kept guessing what's coming next, kept my attention. I didn't even get up to use the rest room because I didn't want to miss anything. Great Movie!
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