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A Thriller in its genre

By reload4
Written August 21, 2014
I did not read the novels, so to those folks I apologize! However I am a Zombie movie fan and a Walking Dead series fan! I thought this flick was very well done and very well acted especially by Mr Pitt! The plot was very international and very interesting. The action sequences were breathtaking, and my wife just about squeezed my arm off in a few of them! I've heard the movie doesn't follow the novel series very accurately, so if your a fan of the books you may come away disappointed! I was not however, as I enjoyed all of it and will buy the DVD!! Go see it!! 8 )
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Fantastic Movie

By ezeebuxs
Written July 31, 2014
It did start a little slow but then wow! i loved the zombie people they were very scary ..this movie was more like if a real attacked happened what it would be like! i recommend it!
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By Heavy M
Written June 29, 2013
Summer has become a time for action, adventure, fantasy, and superheroes.... This film is missing on all counts. It lacks depth to be a good drama. It has been edited with too much time spent on watching Zombies and not enough time developing the science or developing the characters. Watering down the plot to be good guy saves day...narrowly dodging Herky-Jerky Zombies. With never any doubt that he would survive to the end. Save your money there are better films this summer.
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Not as great as expected

By KBarnes1
Written June 22, 2013
I rarely write reviews and even more rarely when they are not glowing, but I felt I needed to log in vote along with all the die-hards with a So-So rating for World War Z. I was swayed to see it over another film by so many positive must see ratings on Fandango that I expected more. What I got was solid acting from Brad Pitt, lots of jumps and startles and zombies, yes, lots and lots of zombies. However, not much story development (despite the potential), bland acting performances from everyone else in the cast and seen it all before special effects. Where is the creativity, people, and from a film with such a large budget?! Come on. No doubt this film will be a financial blockbuster, but it is the kind of forgettable summer fare that will not make much of an impact in the long term. Even found my eyelids getting heavy at one point from boredom -- not good in a movie less than two hours in duration. Fully logged in as a very SO-SO film.
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WWZ - best zombie movie ever?

By JFertitta
Written June 21, 2013
I have been a zombie movie/game fan for as long as I can remember now, and this by far is my favorite zombie flick I've ever seen. More importantly, it is the best movie I have ever bought tickets to see in a theater. It easily beats the resident evil series because they started to get too scifi-y.. This movie did a great job combining realistic style with emotion, and introduced a way to "fight back" that we have never seen before. Brad Pitt played an excellent lead and I can't wait to see this movie again when it comes to DVD/Blu-ray. And to anyone who took the time to read this, NO I am not a promoter for the film, and I do not make any kind of money doing this. This is honestly my first time ever reviewing a movie because it made me want to tell people to see it.
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