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Not like the book!

By nadeenclasen
Written June 22, 2013
I went with two wisecracking teenagers so when things got dull, we were in stitches. My son insists the book is scary. Movie, not so much. Enjoyed Brad Pitt.
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World War Z ....not for the weak ;)

By Jeffgleason76
Written June 23, 2013
We went into the movie with no expectations ( had no idea what it was about ) The movie grab us in the first 5 minutes . Non stop action , trills and excitement ! When it was over we looked at each other and said " so glad we saw it and in the theatre ". It is the MUST SEE MOVIE OF THE SUMMER !
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Well acted, great ideas, leaves you hanging for more!

By tejedi
Written June 22, 2013
Conceptually, this could be the most convincing zombie movie to date. Hollywood knows that as long as they make the movie engaging and keep the audience's emotions in control, they can keep some questions (real important ones!) unanswered. World War Z could have been another Avatar if the director had taken the time to build the story, explain the reasons behind it and follow through with a convincing ending like James Cameron did with Avatar, instead of hurriedly sweeping both the cause and the solution of the problem under the rug. That was the most disappointing part of the movie. Otherwise, a great watch all in all for a Friday night horror/action/suspense flick.
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World War Z

By divadru
Written June 23, 2013
Not a Zombie fan but a fan of Brad Pitt for sure. and I normally would not watch this but am compelled to see it after reading the Glamour magazine article about Brad's intentions and the many different phases of the film creation.The commercials and trailers do lead one to want to see how this character can fight and maybe end the Zombie dillemma. I will go esepcially to support Brad his Plan B and his producers, directors and the rest of the cast. Hope I won't need to sheild my eyes too much.
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Still dont know if I liked it or not! But would watch it again if that makes sense lol

By rodstohogs316
Written September 20, 2014
This movie almost had it all for a zombie movie. Its like they took a zombie movie and tried to make it bigger and better. Sure it was a good movie with some high quality effects and acting. It was also not boring at all, nor was it the same old zombie thing.. However it was missing something I couldn't quite put my finger on. It was good and I really wanted to like it a lot, All the way to the end I wanted to like it but is was missing a zombie movie quality. Maybe because it didn't seem that scary? maybe because there were too many zombies that i was desensitized? Anyways I will watch it again on DVD or HBO to see what I think about it then. Even though it was a fast moving movie I found myself thinking about work, thinking about my kids or what to have for dinner. It didn't quite have that zombie movie grip on my mind where nothing could distract me til it was over. (Did anyone else get that same feeling) Hmmmmmmm It was almost a great movie
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