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World War Z

By helemaigirl
Written October 21, 2014
Entertaining at best. Not one of Brad's best performances. His hairsprayed hair bugged me! The acting was just so, so. I defintiely do not recommend it for families with children under 12.
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Great Zombie Movie

By ajslayton
Written September 05, 2015
This is a fast paced action movie, Brad Pitt does a great job as an investigator seeking a way to save the world. This is day of the dead, meets Out Break with a little bit of mission impossible mixed in with out all the cool gadgets. This is a see it twice movie.
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Zombie movie?

By jgeer24
Written August 31, 2015
A nice dramatic piece with good momentum. Not a great movie, or even a great zombie movie, but worth checking out if you like parables about pandemics and the beautiful and ugly ways people deal with them. Not even remotely similar to the excellent book, but still a solid story.
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Wonderful World of Z

By Bronxgirl86
Written October 10, 2015
Only Brad Pitt can make an intelligent zombie movie that will scare the crap out of you! At one point I turned to see the woman in the seat next to me knees to her chest and covering her eyes! Seriously, go see this movie!! In fact, I might go again today! GO SEE IT!
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Great movie

By lipchinsky
Written March 06, 2015
I am a complete fan of the book and went in knowing the movie was different. Still a good movie and has some references to the book. The book would have been hard to turn into a movie. I enjoyed it and would want to watch it again when it comes out of theaters.
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