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Amazing movie

By movie_gurl369
Written December 19, 2014
This movie was great! I'm not the type of person who likes action movies, but this movie was AMAZING. It was so interesting, and had me on the edge of my seat. A great story as well. I love how there is some popups that make it more exciting. Trust me, its a great movie! I'd give it a 10/10 easy.
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Great movie

By lipchinsky
Written March 06, 2015
I am a complete fan of the book and went in knowing the movie was different. Still a good movie and has some references to the book. The book would have been hard to turn into a movie. I enjoyed it and would want to watch it again when it comes out of theaters.
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You'll like it more if you have never read the book!

By HMarc425
Written July 02, 2015
I am conflicted about this review. If you have read the book, then this movie is a so-so at best. There are significant plot changes to the very nature of the disease and mankind's struggle to survive. Frankly, the movie felt like a cop-out as it relates to the plot. Rather than being it's own story, World War Z (the movie) feels like a continuation of the 28 Days Later franchise. The acting is good. Gerry's (Brad Pitt) ability to survive any situation is more than a bit far-fetched. However, the acting is believable. It's not too gory. It's shot and edited beautifully. It's just not World War Z. If you can forget the book then the movie is great.
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Great movie!

By kingofficedeona1
Written June 24, 2013
Me and my boyfriend went to see this movie last night and the theater was packed out! This movie kept us interested throughout! Brad Pitt displays a wonderful acting performance!
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Good Action, believable Storyline Good performance by Pitt

By justin106
Written December 19, 2014
An entertaining and action packed end of days zombie movie on pace with other movies such as and reminds me of what happened before I am Legend with Will Smith.
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