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World War ZZZZ

By swengert828
Written June 23, 2013
Some drawn out scenes, some too far-fetched scenes, WHO scene was intense and nail-biting. I Am Legend left me over-whelmed with emotion. WWZ left me a bit sleepy. Overall would not watch again.
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World War Z

By schmoopy09
Written June 21, 2013
I think that this movie was actually pretty good. They had good plot development along with emotional attachment. They bring the audience along, keeping up with the main character's thinking/thought process as the movie progresses. Which in turn makes you feel apart of the movie. Overall, I'd watch it again/recommend this movie to my friends. :)
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It was okay.

By kbasq
Written August 31, 2016
It was okay. I enjoyed it. Mind blowing? No. Maybe I'm just zombied out. No tension was built. I really didn't get invested in any of the characters. Should have waited for it to come out on Redbox or Netflix.
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Proof that the Zombie Genre Maxed Out

By waltertstevenson
Written March 29, 2017
* Clusterfunk of a storyline * Gratuitous characters that come and go * Rushed exposition * Mediocre special effects * Lame, deflating "ah ha" ending There were a couple moments where the rendition of the zombies was so goofy, various people in the theatre giggled. Surprisingly, Brad Pitt's understated acting was one of the redeeming aspects of the flick. Anyway, don't bother.
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I wasn't disappointed

By m.hay623
Written February 26, 2017
But, I wasn't blown away either. This is a "good" action movie, and fun to watch end to end. It is not an (I hate this word) "epic" blockbuster, but you will be entertained.
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