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Read the book and skip the movie.

By stevehoffman10
Written June 23, 2013
I read the book before seeing the movie. I'm glad I did. Read the book that is. The movie was nothing like the book save the overall theme. The movie was what one would expect of a glossy-produced Hollywood blockbuster. Good effects. Thin and implausible story-line. Brad Pitt as martyr. Good effects. The book was a brilliant exploration of . The movie was a fast-paced thriller that reminded me of too many other movies. Did I mention good effects? Still, read the book.
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Good zombie movie

By wolfdream88
Written June 21, 2013
I´m not one to watch zombie movies (this was my first, although it reminded me of 28 Days Later). The story was strong, convincing and pretty interesting. I found that the denouement was a bit weak in comparison - it came directly after what I considered the climax of the movie and seemed kind of tacked on as opposed to well thought out. I think that the premise is interesting and now I have more reason to read the book.
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Awesome Action

By 1AngelSEYES
Written June 21, 2013
This movie kept my attention from the first 5 minutes until the end. There were still a few things that could have been edited out, but overall it was great!
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Really Enjoyed This Movie

By Happytalk2
Written June 30, 2013
The movie was action-packed from beginning to end. It captures your attention and holds it. The acting was superb although I would have liked to have seen more emotion from the little boy who joined the family. He was good and he was brave but he lost his parents. Tears, fear, a bit of his story as to how he escaped would have been a nice small touching moment—then "man-up" and move on. The Israel scenario was awesome. Zombies climbing walls like ants, spectacular. I also liked the closeup on the zombie in the lab allowing us to see his expressions and mannerisms. Older kids can probably see this film but there were a few children under 10 in our theater (many scary moments) AND a baby! Yes, someone actually brought their baby and the baby cried for a brief bit! There should be enforced age restrictions for infants. Come on folks! Good film. Go see it!
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A different Zombie Movie

By amckenz215
Written June 22, 2013
Overall, I liked the movie. It was a different kind of zombie movie in that I had always thought that zombies were brain dead and dragged their feet when they walk...not here. Think of those fast little ants that zoom all around and who hold onto each other when they need to climb a sheer wall or float in the water. I liked how the movie got right to the action in the beginning instead of spending a half hour building up to it. Brad Pit was good as the dad of two daughters. I recognized his wife from a TV series, but can't remember the title. There's plenty of action and thrills and the plot develops nicely and is easy to follow. No twists and turns here, although I twisted and squirmed in my seat a number of times, so be prepared! Ultimately, the movie is predictable, but does entertain and scare at points. I give it 3 1/2 to 4 stars.
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