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World War Z ....not for the weak ;)

By Jeffgleason76
Written January 29, 2015
We went into the movie with no expectations ( had no idea what it was about ) The movie grab us in the first 5 minutes . Non stop action , trills and excitement ! When it was over we looked at each other and said " so glad we saw it and in the theatre ". It is the MUST SEE MOVIE OF THE SUMMER !
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World war z

By blackcat88
Written January 26, 2015
Exciting movie based on a really good book that doesnt stray to far from the book. I would defiantly recommend this movie & see it again!
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Don't Go: Hollywood propaganda effort to legitimize the United Nations

By d3hart
Written June 23, 2013
World War Z was another Hollywood attempt to promote a political agenda with it's portrayal of the United Nations as the all knowledgeable and controlling world body to manage a solution to the zombie epidemic. Basically, this movie was a very lame attempt to legitimize the value of the United Nations. The United Nations has been a corrupt dismal failure throughout the world when it comes to humanitarian and military police actions. It will take more than a bad movie like World War Zombie to fix the track record of the United Nations. Once you get through the pathetic political message, the acting was marginal and the story line lacking of substance. The best part of the movie was the special effects, but many of these scenes were to unrealistic to take seriously. Overall a D+
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The Took the Book out of the Book Movie

By ellehner
Written January 31, 2015
I've read this book... many times. Listened to it, too. That's the problem. If I'd never been exposed to the book (which is amazing), then I would have loved this movie. However... Why make a movie out of a book if you're just going to take 97% of the details out?
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So intense!!

By Franchotbarba5
Written August 28, 2015
My expectations were not very high and boy I was wrong. This movie puts Man of Steel to shame. If you don't mind being at the edge of your seat the entire movie, well... this is the movie for you. The only thing this movie lacks is blood, but what can you expect from a PG13 movie. Brad Pitt never disappoints.
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