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World War Z

By dfeibus
Written October 21, 2014
The producers (Pitt among them) are using the current zombie craze to spoon feed us how to survive a worldwide viral attack. Great dialogue with thoughtful words of wisdom. Very interesting where Pitt finds the help and who he needs to listen to as he gets to the "solution". I have seen this twice and looking forward to owning it one day.
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World war z

By blackcat88
Written January 26, 2015
Exciting movie based on a really good book that doesnt stray to far from the book. I would defiantly recommend this movie & see it again!
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World War Z ....not for the weak ;)

By Jeffgleason76
Written January 29, 2015
We went into the movie with no expectations ( had no idea what it was about ) The movie grab us in the first 5 minutes . Non stop action , trills and excitement ! When it was over we looked at each other and said " so glad we saw it and in the theatre ". It is the MUST SEE MOVIE OF THE SUMMER !
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I enjoyed it

By mgibson99
Written January 28, 2015
I wouldn't classify it as a blockbuster, but it was pretty good and I enjoyed it. The action moved along at a good clip. It was not scary in the traditional sense, but there were some tense moments. I actually liked the fact that they didn't focus on the blood and gore aspect of the zombies. It turns out that it wasn't really needed, and the PG-13 rating allowed me to bring my 2 kids (who also liked it). One interesting thing. If you read some of the reviews from people who have read the book, there is a consensus that the movie took too many liberties, and that it took a very rich and complex narrative and shortened it and dumbed it down. I haven't read the book, but I do remember thinking while watching the movie that we were getting the cliff notes version. I say that cause the action is all over the place, in different locations around the world, and I felt that there was so much more to the story, and the movie was just scratching the surface. Left me wanting more.
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Don't Go: Hollywood propaganda effort to legitimize the United Nations

By d3hart
Written June 23, 2013
World War Z was another Hollywood attempt to promote a political agenda with it's portrayal of the United Nations as the all knowledgeable and controlling world body to manage a solution to the zombie epidemic. Basically, this movie was a very lame attempt to legitimize the value of the United Nations. The United Nations has been a corrupt dismal failure throughout the world when it comes to humanitarian and military police actions. It will take more than a bad movie like World War Zombie to fix the track record of the United Nations. Once you get through the pathetic political message, the acting was marginal and the story line lacking of substance. The best part of the movie was the special effects, but many of these scenes were to unrealistic to take seriously. Overall a D+
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