WW-Z is edge of your seat!

By trippwood
Written June 20, 2013
Loved this movie for its ability to keep me guessing. Its an adrenaline thriller as star Brad Pitt races to find what's caused a massive outbreak of the undead. And these are not your father's zombies--completely fresh/different take than the Walking Dead, and far more fearsome. More than an occassional nod to Valve's Left4Dead game (swinging light in a corridor anyone?). Surprising ending and great support from Mireille Enos. Go!
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World War Z *review*

By bigxdawgx1
Written June 20, 2013
Amazing !!! A Must for any movie lover... Sat on the edge of my seat and held my breath the whole time !!! Never a dull moment !!! Superman who ??? Monsters who ??? There is no summer movie other than WORLD WAR Z !!!! Rob n Laurie Luvero Huntington Beach, California.
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Book is better, but don't discount this movie.

By artb4ever
Written June 20, 2013
The book is like 30 stories and this movie is just one. It's loosely based in the books universe, but as a stand alone story it's still very entertaining to watch. Just don't expect it to be exactingly loyal to events from the novel. Go read the book and watch the movie. The Mega Ticket was totally worth it! I got a Poster and other swag. Plus I was around a bunch of Zombie nuts who really appreciated the genre. I'm looking forward to other Mega Ticket Opportunities.
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Surprisingly exceeded my expectations.

By Nicholas60
Written June 20, 2013
I had really high expectations for the movie. To my surprise it exceeded all of them. I hope Pitt decides to make a sequel. I waited patiently for 4 years, maybe the next one will be in 3? This is a must see.
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World War Z - mega ticket

By Monsterdg
Written June 20, 2013
Had a great time at the opening; the Mega Ticket was well worth the extra cost. I more than made back the cost of the ticket in swag: poster, t-shirt, Sm. popcorn & drink, special 3D glasses PLUS a copy of the movie when it comes out.
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