Moderately Entertaining...Characters Not Well Developed.

By Alon Patterson
Written October 28, 2014
OK, it's a play after all. So it's fair to suppose the talent's trying to pull off the most realistic portrayal of their characters possible. I get that. It just doesn't work here, due to miscasting and a host of other rookie mistakes. And there's some mighty good talent in this film. It's just too bad a couple were badly matched to their roles, and none were given much to work with in the way of dialog or plot development--the fault of the writers. There's no emotional investment here either for the audience or the cast. Everyone on screen seems like a talking mannequin, more or less, just going through the motions. While this isn't a terrible movie, it's just not all that good. It's worth a matinee ticket at best, or wait for the DVD or stream. You'll be glad you did.
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Won't Back Down

By ss4450
Written February 01, 2015
This movie has some funny parts, as well as some serious parts. The movie shows that you can be successful and have people hear you by changing your approach. You have to change your approach sometimes. What worked in the 60's will not work in 2012. No today doesn't necessarily mean "no" tomorrow. The movie also educates us on "Dyslexia," and what it really is. "No child left behind." This is a great movie for anyone over the age of 13years of age. Good family movie. It was nice how the main characters where opposite race, economic, and educational backgrounds where different. But their differences complimented each other to get what they needed for their children. Love has no color!
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By Napaguy
Written December 29, 2014
Wonderful story idea and terrible, boring, lifeless followthrough. This movie drags on and on and is a perfect example of the previews being the ONLY good scenes in the movie. DO NOT waste your money even when it is out on Pay Per View.
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A movie that deserves to be seen. Two thumbs up!

By kramwizzy680
Written September 20, 2014
This was a very-well conceived movie about the challenges parents and teachers face when attempting to take over a school with a failing track record. The actors were perfect for their roles, and in more than one instance, there were scenes that brought tears to my eyes. Maggie Gyllenhaal and Viola Davis were the perfect pair, leading the charge for school reform.
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Won't Back Down

By nadineb425
Written February 28, 2015
I loved the movie!. The passion the two mothers had was encouraging. Too bad in today's society, you don't see that passion about our children's education where I live. The people who should see this movie won't. This is a movie that everyone should see! I saw teamwork, passion, strength, focus and determination in this film and it has inspired me to focus on my goals and follow what I believe in. A mother's love will give her the strength to do whatever needs to be done for her children. Go see it, you will be inspired also.
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