Won't Back Down

By nadineb425
Written October 09, 2012
I loved the movie!. The passion the two mothers had was encouraging. Too bad in today's society, you don't see that passion about our children's education where I live. The people who should see this movie won't. This is a movie that everyone should see! I saw teamwork, passion, strength, focus and determination in this film and it has inspired me to focus on my goals and follow what I believe in. A mother's love will give her the strength to do whatever needs to be done for her children. Go see it, you will be inspired also.
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Don't Listen to Critics

Written October 07, 2012
Both the Times papers are clearly in the Union Pockets. Surprisingly great characters, well developed, crisp believable dialogue and great story. Based on true story makes it even better. Between the bureaucracy of school systems ( ever try to get anything changed in a school district) or the unions intimidation of teachers not to participate. Love the theme empowering as well as challenging parents. Movie much better than expected.
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A fantastic Movie to see on a mother daughter day or with friends.

By Carolinacutie1127
Written October 09, 2012
This movie was truly a great and inspirational story. Being from Pittsburgh, I could relate to the struggles addressed, as far as, the public school system is concerned. I went and saw this with my mother, it made me think of my days as an elementary student with my struggles in math and thanks to a great first grade teacher I am great at math 20 years later. This movie made me think of all the times my mother stood up to teachers and administration within the schools themselves and district personnel. It was truly inspirational and as a teaching student, really helped me realize how hard it is to be a teacher in this day and age, but it also showed how fulfilling a teaching career can be, despite the challenges. I would definitely, give this movie two thumbs up.
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Won't Back Down

By Music Man 50
Written October 04, 2012
It was a very good movie. It showed you that when you believe in something and it is for the right, then you go for it risking all costs. It also showed how when you are not in the clique, how people will try to make you look bad.
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Won't Back Down

By dannalowe
Written October 06, 2012
In these crushing economic times, one of the favorite places political leaders cut the budget is in the area of education...reqiring more of teachers for less $, taking aides out of classrooms and raising class sizes (to save money).again. The crux of the movie...no matter what higher ups say, make education of the students the #1 priorty...not greasing someone's hand or pulling the wool over other's eyes. REMEMBER...ALL CHILDREN ARE GIFTED, NO MATTER THEIR CHALLENGES OR STATION IN LIFE! Today's children are tomorrow's leaders. KUDOS to everyone who made this movie and others similar to it...Holland's Opus, Sister Act II, and recent Hallmark presentations possible.This is a MUST SEE! (every teacher and parent should go) Stand up for your children, your students...our leaders of tomorrow (retired teachers...volunteer for the children's sake). We can ALL make a positive difference in the kid's lives!
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