Don't Believe the Bad Reviews: There's much here to learn and love and act on...

By mciavolino
Written July 30, 2016
If you read the reviews and the RT rating you'll think this film simplifies issues and attacks unions. Ignore them. The film is also attacked viciously for 'ramming the directors' view' down our throats. But what film doesn't? At least this film has a message that must be heeded: Portions of our public education system are failing and failing badly. Is it perfect? No. Is it a compressed version of the events? Yes (but what film isn't). But it does show how it is possible to change one school and inversely improve the lives of a few hundred children that would multiply out to incalculable benefits to the community. Does every school need to be taken over? No. But can every school benefit from parental and community involvement? Yes. If this film wakes up one, or two, or a hundred communities, administrators, and teachers, and makes them take a second look at improving education, then the film has done its job. It is also remarkably free from foul language and sex. Go see this film.
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Extremely thought-provoking

By DsNanaWana
Written September 01, 2016
I took my daughter and 11-year old grandson to see this well-cast movie. This film should be made available for all schools. It will make you mad but it will also get you thinking about the quality of education in your community.
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By Ponysparkle
Written February 23, 2017
If you have ever questioned your child's teachers or your child's school... This is an encouraging, empowering movie. If you have had children with learning disabilities this is for you. If you have never had any problems and have been lucky enough to live in a perfect school district this is also for you! It's eye opening and informative. Your child's school is only as good as it's parents and you can not count on the school system to be there for your child. I loved this movie! It brought me to tears and made me smile. We are our child's best advocate! Ask questions..don't settle and if your not happy CHANGE IT! I love supporting these kinds of positive, life changing movies. Go see it!
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Don't Listen to Critics

Written May 28, 2016
Both the Times papers are clearly in the Union Pockets. Surprisingly great characters, well developed, crisp believable dialogue and great story. Based on true story makes it even better. Between the bureaucracy of school systems ( ever try to get anything changed in a school district) or the unions intimidation of teachers not to participate. Love the theme empowering as well as challenging parents. Movie much better than expected.
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Won't back down -

By senior fan
Written May 25, 2016
From the previews I could not wait to see this film, as a former teacher myself with relatives and friends still teaching. Then I read some of the critics responses, especially from the Teachers Union who felt they were mis represented and I began to wonder if this was just more "union" bashing. But I went anyway and I'm glad I did. Yes, it's an over the top message film..but anyone knows we have many broken schools, drop out rates are high and on and on. We know that. Everyone from Parents to kids to administrators to teachers to government to school boards share in the blame. So I think the Unions criticism is unfair and that's the problem. We all think the other guy is to blame. But the film, if you go, might give you a sliver of hope if it means leaving with a since of empowerment. The question they leave you with is...will you be part of the solution or the problem. Go
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