Don't Believe the Bad Reviews: There's much here to learn and love and act on...

By mciavolino
Written September 30, 2012
If you read the reviews and the RT rating you'll think this film simplifies issues and attacks unions. Ignore them. The film is also attacked viciously for 'ramming the directors' view' down our throats. But what film doesn't? At least this film has a message that must be heeded: Portions of our public education system are failing and failing badly. Is it perfect? No. Is it a compressed version of the events? Yes (but what film isn't). But it does show how it is possible to change one school and inversely improve the lives of a few hundred children that would multiply out to incalculable benefits to the community. Does every school need to be taken over? No. But can every school benefit from parental and community involvement? Yes. If this film wakes up one, or two, or a hundred communities, administrators, and teachers, and makes them take a second look at improving education, then the film has done its job. It is also remarkably free from foul language and sex. Go see this film.
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Extremely thought-provoking

By DsNanaWana
Written October 13, 2012
I took my daughter and 11-year old grandson to see this well-cast movie. This film should be made available for all schools. It will make you mad but it will also get you thinking about the quality of education in your community.
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By Peneflix
Written October 05, 2012
Viola Davis. Robbed of last year's Academy Award for best actress, is reason enough to see this highly manipulative film about two women who fight the entrenched bureaucracy of the teachers union in Baltimore. The film is fraught with fallacies, and living in a city where the teachers went on strike for a week and a half this past September, the wounds, no longer oozing, have yet to scar. Nevertheless, it was entertaining, heartwarming predictability... "Won't Back Down" is melodramatic, at times erroneous, sensational, pushing the gamut of emotional buttons; in this instance, buttons that did mind the pressure... THREE STARS!!! ***For full review please visit peneflix(dot)com!!!
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Too one sided

By papparazzi_adventure
Written October 04, 2012
This was the type of Movie when you wanted to stand up and cheer at the end. Although I loved the outcome it was too one sided and portrayed Unions in a bad light. Unions are the backbone of our Country and without them our wages would be barely over minimum. I think tenure needs to be revised to make teachers more accountable and what this movie did was bring a lot of that to the forefront.
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Won't Back Down

By awilliams12
Written October 04, 2012
Great movie, fantastic performances by All !!! This is a "movie", that I will recommend to others !
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