Great message

By Trian
Written October 09, 2012
This movie had a great message, but it came off as a little cheesy. It did make me cry a couple times though. It had very powerful emotional scenes. Good movie to catch if you've seen the others you wanted to see already.
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By friday996
Written October 06, 2012
I did like the film, it's very interesting because it touches the very reason why some school are failing, and also shows how dificcult it is to get parents and teachers involved to try and change the culture of our school system.
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Won't Back Down

By jillerbe
Written September 30, 2012
My husband & I really enjoy this movie. it was done really well. it really showed teachers really have trouble in school with those kid. We liked it a lot.The acting & directing was great also. This movie should be seen by adults.The subject was right. The teachers are not treated right in this country.
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Won't Back Down

By ptinc11
Written October 13, 2012
Inspiring, fun, thought-provoking, well-acted. Maggie Gyllenhaal really made this film. She was very appealing. It is a film that the entire family can enjoy. I liked it very much. It provided some good entertainment while addressing the issue wide-spread failure of our public schools to adequately prepare our children to assume a constructive and productive role in society. The issue of excessive influence of teacher's unions was dramaticlly portrayed in a melodramatic fashion. Yes teacher's unions have excessive influence protecting some teachers who should not be in the classroom, but the unions were also painted with a very broad brush as "bad" in general. Those who are strong supporters of teacher;s unions will not appreciate the message of this film and with some justification. In spite of the controversy that is sure to surround it, this film will put a sharp focus on the basic issue of the need to greatly improve the education of our children across the board
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Won't Back Down

By ss4450
Written October 03, 2012
This movie has some funny parts, as well as some serious parts. The movie shows that you can be successful and have people hear you by changing your approach. You have to change your approach sometimes. What worked in the 60's will not work in 2012. No today doesn't necessarily mean "no" tomorrow. The movie also educates us on "Dyslexia," and what it really is. "No child left behind." This is a great movie for anyone over the age of 13years of age. Good family movie. It was nice how the main characters where opposite race, economic, and educational backgrounds where different. But their differences complimented each other to get what they needed for their children. Love has no color!
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