Won't Back Down Synopsis
Two women will stop at nothing to transform their children's failing inner-city school.
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Entertainment Weekly

By Owen Gleiberman
Won't Back Down says that whatever your feelings about the subject, lack of change cannot be the answer to our public-education crisis....
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San Francisco Chronicle

By Mick LaSalle
For sure, this is a cause movie - sometimes it even feels that way - in favor of charter schools and against the teachers unions. Still,...
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New York Post

By Kyle Smith
I haven't seen a timelier or more important film this year, and the film's passion for school choice could hardly be more warranted. Along...
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Philadelphia Inquirer

By Steven Rea
Barnz tries, at least a bit, to acknowledge the heroic and historic legacy of the union movement and its rightful place in the contemporary...
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USA Today

By Claudia Puig
While there are moments where this drama, about a pair of mothers hellbent on improving their children's education, is compelling and...
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Boston Globe

By Ty Burr
The issue is contentious, messy, prone to wishful thinking. Some see a corporate plot to privatize schools. Others see a last chance to...
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The Hollywood Reporter

The movie addresses timely issues but eschews shading in favor of blunt black and white. It's old-school Lifetime fodder dressed up in...
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The film is all for teaching as a calling. What it doesn't do is offer it the dignity of also being a job.
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New York Daily News

By Elizabeth Weitzman
I am neither anti-charter schools nor anti-union. I am, however, firmly against heavy-handed lectures disguised as art.
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By Ella Taylor
For all its strenuous feints at fair play, though, Won't Back Down is something less honorable - a propaganda piece with blame on its mind.
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Won't Back Down

By sherrij421
All parents, teacher and those without children should go and see this heart felt movie. Two parents and a teacher to reach out and fix something that is so wrong and they want to make it right for...


By punamk
It can be seen two ways. One - against the unions, or two - for children. The basic message is fight for childrens future. It's also a good movie that made me reflect on why I do the work I do. A...

Wot Back Down

This was a great movie. It showed that how some school districts actually work when they have bad teachers & they just keep them around & just get used to the idea that the children aren't going to...

Won't Back Down

By Great White Shark
A very good movie. Living in California, a State with a powerful teachers union, and some of the worst test scores in the nation, I could relate to the story line. I could feel the frustration, but...

To: "I love me some propaganda"

By srp123
If you look at the history of public schools prior to charter schools, you will find a failed institution. Be grateful for the innovation of Charter Schools - some have proven success and are in the...

Won't Back Down

By wgm
is definetly academy award material. Excellent casting, excellent directiing and a plot that hits home for a lot of people. Inspiring and dramatic, it left me in tears. Nominate Maggie Gyllenhaal for...

won't back down

By kirbyl
I loved this movie because it was very truthful and inspiring. Great field trip movie for elementary kids and teachers. I hope this movie inspires both teachers and children....

wont back down

By boogaloo1
execellent movie a must see, just great and the actors and actresses were the best so important and such a needed message for today that together as parents and grandparents "WE CAN MAKE A...

Won't Back Down

By wcm71
Saw this movie last night....it was great! Shows what is WRONG with our school system. Most of the time, it isn't the teachers, it is the system that is the problem, or just a hand ful of teachers....

Feel good movie

By welitlpigs
Great movie to watch when you need a lift (and frankly, can't we all?). Story line: A frustrated mother and teacher of a failing school band together to try and make changes for the better, all the...

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Rated PG | For Thematic elements and language
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Common Sense Media says Inspiring tale of a mom's quest to better her kid's school.
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