Go see this movie!

By Donella
Written August 17, 2014
Great plot! Great acting! I was able to preview and it was great! I'm also confused on Fandango's "Fans Say" because they say "fans say" "Oh NO" but when I click on the replies, only 1 says that, everyone else says "Im in"! Fandango, please explain or change it! That gives people the wrong impression!
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By lisabo765
Written October 16, 2014
Awesome movie! Kept me involved the entire time. It is refreshing to see GOOD acting without all the cursing and violence! The director didn't have to work hard at all as the actors in this film were top-notch. Glad to see that film makers are trying to put NO back on the map. A must see!!!!
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Woman Thou Art Loosed: On the 7th Day

By Baby Mitch
Written August 07, 2014
This was an excellent movie. I wish it was shown everywhere so that everyone could have the opportunity to see such a great depiction of how quickly we may judge others. It is also an opportunity for one to do an inspection of self to ensure that we are not harboring any hate, malice or unforgiveness deep within our heart of hearts. This is not your typical movie that may just be entertaining, this movie makes you think about how you respond to others, not always knowing what they may have gone through. It makes you want to change to be a better person. It is not just a religious film. We all need to forgive someone. We all need to not be so quick to judge. We all need to come clean about some things in our past that may interfere or change our future. We as a nation need healing and only your relationship with God can do that.
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Why is Your Rating of This Movie Misleading?

By he_kept_me
Written August 06, 2014
In Summary, you state that Fans Say: OH NO! That is FALSE!!! Out of 32 reviews, 28 say "I'M IN"!!! Two may have said "Ill Pass" and maybe the other two said "Oh NO". So, why did you not summarize the reviews and show the "I'M IN!" icon? Why be so mean-spirited? I will definitely go see this movie and I know a lot of others who are waiting to see this movie. Tell the truth about these reviews; and it will set your bitter heart free!!!
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On the 7th Day

By nyree0129
Written August 05, 2014
I love TD Jakes so i will always go and support his movies. I did enjoy the movie but it was not one of his best. It did have a good message, as do all his movies...but it was kinda predictable.
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