Wolverine Fan Event 3D Synopsis
On July 23, AMC Empire 25 theatre in New York City, will be hosting a fan event for The Wolverine, with a special appearance by Hugh Jackman. The festivities start at 5:30 p.m. with live music.

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"The Wolverine" Fan Event 3D Rocks

By leahpet73
I really loved this movie.I had a really good time and Hugh Jackman was really funny and there was a lot of action.One of the best movies I have ever seen and been to.My mother and younger daughter...

Best Movie Ever!

By slui3
The movie was awesome--action pack with a little romance and friendship. Of course, I love the ending which previews the next movie. The Wolverine Fan Event was a great idea to promote the film. ...

The Wolverine: A blood mess of awesome!

By samfan77
I was somewhat skeptical when going in to see this film because I was scared that it was going to be X-men Origins: Wolverine all over again but with a different director. But it wasn't. It was...

Great event, unfortunate giveaway method

By Psycho_K
You got a free t-shirt, and a foam Wolverine clawed glove. There was a fairly long wait since Hugh Jackman recorded an episode on the Late Show before coming. Once he arrived, if you were fortunate...

Great Wolverine Film

By telavizion
Such a great movie. Wonderful action scenes. Really wonderful. Excellent story. I only had negative feelings towards 1 character (because of the drastic changes of said character from the comics), but...

Lots of good moments! Much better than X-Men Origins.

By DMD_2012
Taking place right after X-Men III-The Last Stand, Wolverine gave up on life and decided to live in Yukon next to a large bear. When a Japanese girl meets him and tells him an old friend is dying,...


By ajcnyc13
Excellent and the acting was great...

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By ABressingham
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The Wolverine has Claws.

By Neo77
This movie is the ultimate Wolverine film . Allthough it has great action set pieces and great special effects it's the story and the acting that pulls it through. I thought the 3D wasn't necessary....

By sinisterjuan
The movie was awesome. You can never get tired of Hugh Jackman playing this role. Every time he plays Wolverine he finds a way to make it better each time and this is no exception. I will make no...

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