The Wolf of Wall Street

By dbehammer
Written January 29, 2017
This movie had tremendous acting talent but was overshadowed by XXX rated nudity and crude boring and lewd language followed by a smorgasbord of rampant drug usage. After three hours of watching near porn and hearing the F word in almost every conversation , simply could not figure out point of movie except to slip an unsuspecting audience a porn movie under the guise of a respectable wall street facade. Left feeling filthy and wishing I had not helped to support Martin Scorsese in this endeavor and vowing to stay away from future Scorsese movies.
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Wolf on Wall Street

By doeallen1
Written October 17, 2016
After one hour of this incredibly disappointing film, my party of three left. There were many reasons for leaving the least of which was the intense drug use, explicit sexual encounters and the endless gut wrenching language. Language that was disrespectful of woman and humanity at large. The scenes were graphic and would qualify as hardcore porn. The gifted actors were lost in the intensity and the shock. The most interesting reflection is that this film was released on Christmas day. Now I do not consider myself a self-righteous zealot or a person that has not enjoyed a depiction of a sexual encounter based on human connection in a respectful visual, but people this is way over the top and the reviews need to say so in graphic detail. At least provide the consumer with enough information in order to make a choice based on truth. NOT "wildly entertaining, Nudity and Language kinda of information just does not reveal what is in store. Thank you for the opportunity to express my self.
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master piece

By Ithacaphan
Written October 17, 2016
Did you nuns and 40 year old virgins think it was going to be a book club on wall street? Have you seen casino? That was scorsese's take on old vegas - now apply that to wall street...youve heard of wall street right? Sex was not over the top, although there was nudity and the potty mouths that have been previously mentioned. Luckily I've seen nude humans before so i was able to see the actual artistic value of the movie instead of only the repressed sadness some of the other reviewers have A pure masterpiece depicting the real deal of a time and place brilliantly. 3 hours felt like 20 minutes. So glad to see in the theatre - likely my favorite movie since django. If the above is not interesting Walking With Dinsours or Toy Story 7 is in theatre 12
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Like you go watch porn movie with strangers in the threatre

By kymshine
Written October 17, 2016
Others sure might love it, but everyone's opinion worth to be publicized. So my opinion is this movie has too many drugs/cocaine, too may porn scenes, beyond sexy, beyond anything. Every 5 minutes I'd say. I went to watch it with my mom because I like Leonado's movie but this one kind of disappointing me other than the sex scenes but the movie is so slow because it spends so much time on the happy-hookers-cocaine part but the conflict of the movie where things started to get FBI's attention is like 2hours pass the whole movie and it makes you feel bored. So that's my opinion.
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Academy awards vs Puritans

By Panocya
Written April 16, 2016
Movie is not for young kids as there is a lot of nudity. However it is done in good taste And the storyline keeps you entertained for the 3 hours. I had to drag my wife to it as she read reviews about it tat said it had no plot and the movie was filled with debaughery..She was impressed with the movie and some academy award performances.She has told her friends about the funny parts in the movie such as Dicaprio at the country club high on drugs and trying to get home driving his car at 1mile/hr and thinking he did extremely well until the next day when the police arrived.
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