By Eliud
Written February 15, 2008
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For a good laugh see this

By Diamondgirlmovies
Written February 23, 2008
This movie wan't meant to make the viewer think or even to inspre. This movie is to make ou laiugh and it does it in a big way. Larry the Cable Guy is truely himself personified. IF you want a good laugh, this is your movie. It's nothing more than lots of fun. CFG
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witless protection

By seastar
Written February 21, 2008
This is the funniest movie I've seen in 10 years! There are so many funny one liners and hysterical comedic sequences packed into this film - you'll have to see it twice! There's a great story to boot - and fabulous star performances. I love this move and am recommending it to everyone I know. You'll have a great time laughing!!! Don't miss it.
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A few good laughs

By usagrl
Written February 23, 2008
This movie was all in all good, it was entertaining for those folks that are fans of Larry the Cable Guy and won't be a offended by his humor and actions. Jenny McCarthy was good and different then what I was use to, I would have liked to see more of her. Enjoy the movie for those that do go and see it.
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Cute and predictable

By ptaz
Written February 25, 2008
It was typical Larry the Cable Guy as a movie. We enjoy him but it was predictable and low-key humor. I wasn't that impressed.
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