Win WIn is a WIN WIN

By triciaoc44
Written March 08, 2011
I went to a screening in NYC-the audience was laughing out loud and clapped at the end- this is great movie fun and uplifting- Paul GIamatti is perfectly cast as is Amy Ryan and CLare Foley who plays Pauls daughter is perfect- She is the redhead from the ALLY Bank commercial- whole cast is great,good music,great acting overall great experience- reminds me of Little Miss Sunshine- its a sleeper-sneaky good!
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Win Win

By sheilafav
Written April 12, 2011
My husband and I thought this a very good of the best we've seen this year.
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Thoroughly Enjoyable! A+

By HP11
Written April 02, 2011
Don't read any further, just GO SEE IT!! Wow, I figured this was a sleeper movie because I had seen no ads for it. But the theatre was packed! I figured they all must have come to see Paul Giamatti as my husband and I did. But the script was so well written, and the level of acting was so high that we felt as if we had tumbled into a gold mine. The movie was funny, touching, kind-hearted and believable. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Paul Giamatti, Amy Ryan, Alex Shaffer and Bobby Cannavale delivered with perfection. And it seemed that only Jeffrey Tambor and Burt Young could have fit into their roles so perfectly. Just a terrific little movie. LOVED IT!!!!!! Great for teens, adults and seniors!
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By heymousse
Written April 09, 2011
Excellent movie, I was tired and still enjoyed it very much. Would recommend it to anyone that's in the mood for a drama with comedic elements. Great cast all around.
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great movie

By idr888bg
Written April 10, 2011
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