Very enjoyable

By Frannewman
Written February 18, 2014
This movie was a little romance, fantasy and the pull between good and evil. Went with my girlfriends and laughed and cried. Perfect chick flick! Bonus, it's never a bad thing to see Colin Farrell topless! Russell Crowe played the demon really well! All in all very enjoyable!
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Go buy the book.

By ppelkonen
Written February 20, 2014
Mark Helprin's 'Winter's Tale' is an exhaustive portrait of the City of New York filtered through magic realism, with flying horses, the city burning in flames only to rise out of its own ashes, and the Cloud Wall that sweeps through the city taking those whose time has come and serving as a protective barrier for this metropolis we call home. Akiva Goldsman's version has the flying horse. It also has characters that are rewritten to become incomprehensible and Russell Crowe in the role of the great villain Pearly Soames. Except that Mr. Crowe is incomprehensible through his garbled attempt at an Irish Noo Yawk accent and his CGI enhanced demonic nature has nothing whatsoever to do with the book. Also, Will Smith plays the Judge, a character added that has nothing to do with the original text--when slashing out so much of this great book did the screenwriter really need to add another character? There are some beautiful images and the love story works. But it's a hot mess.
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Excellent idea, middling character development

By pwitherspoon77
Written February 15, 2014
The screenplay did a great job building up the relationship between the main character (Farrell) and his red-haired love in 1914. But SO much time was spent there that there was almost NO character development in 2014. The build-up to a dramatic ending was a bit less dramatic than I anticipated. On a major positive note, Russell Crowe was fantastic as the demon, and Will Smith was "neat" as Lucifer. Overall, this movie was enjoyable, but on an A-F scale I give it a B- to a B, which in my way of thinking means "pretty good and enjoyable, but not great, and not a 'must see'."
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A surprise at every turn! Romantic and intriguing story.

By shalonecason
Written February 15, 2014
I was pleasantly surprised by Winter's Tale. The cast, the dialogue, the plot. I could not have predicted the outcome at any point during this movie. The acting was superb, and the story was really different than other things out there at this time. Go see it. It's great.
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Match Made In Heaven

By stanleymcclure
Written February 15, 2014
Winter's Tale is a must see, for it brings to life, the whole meaning of Destiny, in real life situations. The meaning of Faith, and longing for eternal blessings in life, will keep your faith up in the drama of life issues. Human Instincts/Behaviors will play out in the drama of living your life in the best way possible day by day. Having Faith, Blessings and Love and the internal struggles of life will surely make you cry in parts of this movie. Time hopping in this movie, makes it even better, to see life in the past and in the future. The enchanting beautiful white horse, and the snow/ice covered lake with enchanting Colonial style building in the Colonial period as seen best in New York area, is so ever beautiful. The struggles of people coming into Ellis Island, in New York in the later part of 1800's allows how Family Units can be splintered as Physicians check out people for Consumption ( Tuberculosis), with people having to make split second decisions of who will stay in USA.
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