Just Okay

By ethelsbaby1960
Written February 15, 2014
The trailer makes this movie appear much better. The main attraction that took us to see the movie was the gal that played Sybel on Downton Abbey. She is amazing in this role and very believable. Colin Farrell on the other hand was not. I felt like he was not the right actor for this part. And, his haircut was very 2014, not 1912. He is very good looking, but not with this haircut. The trailer also made us think that this was going to be a time travel movie. My personal favorite! Finally, the very ugly "Satin" character played by Russell Crow took over the theme of the movie. It over powered the love story aspect. This is a "wait for it to be on Netflix" movie.
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Delightful Fantasy

By trappedinthedigitalage
Written February 17, 2014
Winter's Tale is a delightfully magical fantasy that you can easily get lost in for 2 hours. A story of love and good vs. evil. An age old theme with some unexpected twists. There are inconsistencies, but if you go without expections and watch it with an uncritical eye it's enjoyable. It did what I want a movie to do, it entertained me.
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Winter's Tale

By twobc
Written February 18, 2014
My Wife & I enjoyed this romantic drama on Valentine's Day,.she maybe more than I. The acting was impressive & award winning. The cinematography took you into the film like another character. Scenes of the snow & ice glistened, at times making you feel cold & warm at different times as to the difference in the scenes. The director did a great job with the cast of Winter's Tale. The only thing we thought that would have made the movie better was if the First part (older scenes) had come together with the second part(present day ) with more of a flow. The white horse was beautiful, even more so in flight. Several times was said of a dog or horse, but in the movie we only saw the horse. Hats off to the horse's trainer & animators or computer generators that made him fly. This film is for adults only. We don't usually pay much attention to the movie critics we like to make up our own minds if its a movie we want to see.
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Pretty story. What happened to the story by Mark Helprin?

By davidgreifer
Written February 14, 2014
A story about how love carries on despite all odds. Even against time. There is so much missing from the book. I guess that to do justice to the book it would be a movie of several hours. If you forget the book it is a nice movie, not great, just nice. The acting was great. The magic that is so evident in the book seems to be contrived. The character development and transition from turn of the century to modern times is weak. There are characters, themes and plots missing in the screenplay that were so endearing in the book. I wish Mr Helprin had move of a hand in writing the screenplay. I really had my hopes up but was disappointed in the ending. A friend I went with liked it and thought it a good movie. If the book and the movie were not tied together I might have liked it more. Totally missing was Mark Helprins touch that great planning and good intentions do not always have good outcomes. I still would want to see this movie even having read my review.
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Winters tale

By Karenleecoyle
Written February 15, 2014
Great movie. Nice blend of romance and fantasy. Different from the rest of dramas and kid movies. My husband and I went for valentines day and both of us really enjoyed it.
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